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    Additionally, each scenario has a limited number of slots for each role in the party, as well as an overall participation limit. If you apply for a role/scenario that is already full, you will be asked to apply for a different role/scenario. You can view the number of slots remaining for the current scenario on its respective forum post, linked above.

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g. Notoriety System

Notoriety System

Notoriety System

This system tracks the fame and reputation of all characters within the world, on a scale of 1 to 10.

It reflects how well-known a character is and the perception factions have of them, both positive and negative.

Notoriety System Overview

  • During events, there will be critical moments where a character's decisions and background will have a significant impact on the story.
    • A character's actions in these moments will contribute to their notoriety, which reflects how well-known and infamous they are among NPCs and other players.

  • Some examples of such moments include:
    • Killing an important figure in front of a crowd.
    • Having rumors spread about a character that are perceived as a fact in the public eye.
    • Possessing fame as a well-known, public figure.
    • Participating in a high-profile raid that leads to a character's identity being publicly exposed.

  • The Notoriety System acts as a collection of cliff notes, offering a glimpse into significant moments and probiding enough information for players to grasp the general idea of what happened during an event.
    • The system avoid spoiling every little details and leaves room for further exploration and discussion amongst characters.

Notoriety Leaderboard

  • The NOTORIETY LEADERBOARD serves as a record of character notoriety, organized by their faction affiliation.
    • Characters who are not affiliated with a faction will be listed as "Unaffiliated".

  • A typical leaderboard entry includes the following information:

Ranking Name Affiliation Notoriety Level Notorious Events
1. Griff Duffy SAXON News 7
  1. Host of "Total Control: With Griff Duffy" on SAXON News.
  2. Responsible for biting a man at the local Wendy's.
  3. Currently on trial for facilitating a small arms war in a foreign country.
  4. Part of a team who attempted, but ultimately failed, to blow up the local CCN broadcast building in Downtown Los Angeles.
  5. Attempted, but failed, to assassinate a member of the Nine Life Kru with the "Purple Leviathan"; identity was exposed by the survivor.

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Last Updated: September 8, 2023