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b. Cover System

Cover System

Cover System

Characters have the option to utilize cover to enhance their defensive capabilities in combat scenarios.

Cover Categories

Half Cover

  • Half Cover includes various objects such as waist-high fences, rocks, traffic barricades, and small vehicles.
    • When a character is in Half Cover, any attacks made against them suffer a penalty of -2 to all rolls, reflecting the increased difficulty of hitting a partially obscured target.

Full Cover

  • Full Cover includes more substantiate structures such as brick walls, tall barricades, and large vehicles.
    • When a character is in Full Cover, any attacks made against them suffer a penalty of -3 to all rolls, reflecting the significant protection offered by the cover.

Destructible & Explosive Cover

  • There are two sub-categories of cover: Destructible Cover and Explosive Cover.
  • Most pieces of cover can be destroyed, either from taking significant damage over time or from the use of explosive devices.
    • Some destructible cover may be explosive, posing the risk of significant damage if in use when set off.

Cover Actions

  • Certain enemies do not have the ability to seek cover.
    • This includes infected and the majority of animals, monsters, and vehicles.

Hunkering Down

  • A character may choose to further boost their defense by utilizing the Hunker Down action at the end of their turn.
    • The Hunker Down action inflicts a penalty of -1 on all incoming attack rolls, regardless of their cover state.


  • A character may attempt to Flank an enemy for a boost of +5 to hit.
    • To Flank an enemy, position your character behind the enemy's line of cover and ensure you have a clear, unobstructed line of fire on them.
    • If both parties are exposed to one another, each receives the flanking bonus.

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Last Updated: July 6, 2023