Admin Rules

These are the rules that all admins on the server must follow.
They are posted here for full transparency to the players.


  • Leaking information to non-admins is strictly prohibited.

» This goes for lore items, player tickets, admin discussions and anything otherwise not considered general public knowledge.
» This includes paraphrasing and 'hints'.
» An exception is made for the Lore Master ONLY in regards to lore items as they see fit in order to foster roleplay.

Lore Items

  • All lore, map and NPC characters/villains must have express written permission by the Lore Master prior to moving forward.

» It only takes a moment to notify the Lore Master and get the green (or red) light.
» If the Lore Master is offline, then admins are expected to use patience and wait.
» This includes, but is not limited to: NPC Bandits, Raids, Map Changes, Map Additions, Story Arcs, Trader Events, Lore Additions, Weather Events, etc.

Behavior and Conduct

  • Admins are expected to set the example to other players on how to behave in server and in the forums.

» Being an admin can be a stressful job. We're all volunteers here.
» If you feel the need to, vent to your fellow team members as opposed to non-admins when it pertains to server related items.

  • When you are participating in an event as a player, you are to be treated the same as any other player.

» Do not do any adminning. Leave that to the GM.
» Your player-character is not inherently more powerful than any other player-character solely because you are an admin.