• Applications for Wave 2 of our combat tests are officially open! Players may only apply for File #7: Infiltrator, File #8: Siege, and File #9: Wayward currently, but we will be opening applications for 7-28-78 soon.

    What We Become: Survivor Stories is a series of bite-sized scenarios meant to test our new and improved combat system in action! Our first wave contained 5 different scenarios, all taking place within the What We Become universe. Our second wave will contain 5 more scenarios. If you've been waiting to play on the server, now's your chance!

    Additionally, each scenario has a limited number of slots for each role in the party, as well as an overall participation limit. If you apply for a role/scenario that is already full, you will be asked to apply for a different role/scenario. You can view the number of slots remaining for the current scenario on its respective forum post, linked above.

    Make sure to check out our latest newsletter for information about each of the upcoming combat tests.

I. Server Rules

Server Rules

Gateway Roleplay Server Rules


i. General Guidelines
ii. Basic Rules
iii. Character Rules
iv. Claim Rules
v. NPC Rules
vi. Combat System
vii. Event Rules
viii. Lore-Specific Rules

Be sure to read through all rules before you join the server.

Gateway is a unique server with its own culture and established systems.

Not having read the rules is never an excuse.

i. General Guidelines >>

Last Updated: June 22, 2023