II. Forum Rules

Forum Rules

Forum Rules


  • You may not join the forums with a username containing inappropriate or bigoted content.
    • Accounts with inappropriate usernames will be deleted.

  • Oftentimes, the forum's spam filter will flag an account as spam if its username is a generic, American name (i.e., Jack, Daniel, Sophie, etc.)
    • Staff checks the spam filter regularly and will manually approve these accounts if it's determined they're legitimate.


  • Spamming the forums is strictly prohibited.
  • All spam posts and accounts will be deleted as promptly as possible.
    • What is and is not considered spam is determined by staff on a case-by-case basis.
    • Links to other Project Zomboid servers are not considered spam and are allowed to be posted.

Adult Content

  • Excessive profanity as well as any and all pornography are strictly prohibited on the forums.
    • See also: General Guidelines on Hate Speech.

  • Posts containing the above will be deleted as promptly as possible.
  • Adult-oriented jokes are allowed, but please use your best judgement.
    • Non-pornographic adult content that references in-character (IC) events is allowed.
    • Although our player base is largely adults, keep in mind that there may be minors present. Act accordingly.

  • If you're unsure whether something would be considered disallowed adult content, ask an admin.

Attachments & Bandwidth

  • Attaching oversized images to posts uses excessive site bandwidth; size down your attachments if needed.
    • If an oversized image is found in a forum post, it will be removed.
    • Hosting an image on a site such as Imgur and linking it on the forums will circumvent this problem.

  • Keep all image attachments in signatures to 500x500px or smaller.
    • Regardless of whether an image is attached directly or hosted on Imgur, etc., oversized images in signatures clog up the forums.
    • If an oversized image is found in a user's forum signature, it will be removed.

The Rights of Staff

  • Staff reserves the right to ban any member of the community for any reason we deem fit, with no chance of appeal.
  • Staff reserves the right to use a community member's personal data for legal action if needed.
    • Staff will never use or share a community member's personal data without a legally justifiable reason.
    • An exception to this policy is the use of a community member's personal data for internal statistical purposes.

Last Updated: June 23, 2023