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f. Follower System

Follower System

Follower System

Characters are allowed followers and companions to accompany them during events and combat scenarios.

This section aims to provide details regarding what players can and cannot do with these followers, as well as instructions on how to effectively control them.

For a more in-depth understanding of NPCs, see NPC RULES.

NPCs & Companions

  • The inclusion of NPCs is common in various events and combat scenarios.
    • These NPCs can fulfill different roles, serving as supporting characters, group companions, story-driven NPCs, or even player-controlled Special NPCs (S-NPCs).

  • Companions (Tier A NPCs) differ from normal NPCs in that they are independent characters who are exclusively controlled by the Lore Master.
    • They are similar to those found in games like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, and can be recruited to the player's party through the completion of quests or other milestones.

  • Companions possess unique skills, abilities, and expertise which allows for them to offer character-specific assistance with information and even faction connections.
  • Much like player characters, companions can significantly impact the trajectory of events.
    • It is worth keeping in mind that companions are not invincible and are capable of dying if not protected.
    • The death of certain Story NPCs and companions can directly shape what endings are available come the end of the lore.

  • While participating in an event, characters can bring up to 3 companions along with their party.
    • Between events, characters can seek out and speak to their companions.

S-NPCs in Combat

  • S-NPCs follow the same rules and mechanics as normal player characters during combat scenarios.
    • Treat S-NPCs as you would your own character.


  • Roll for initiative for your S-NPC at the start of combat to determine their placement in the turn order.

Weapon Usage

  • Utilize the weapons assigned to your S-NPC during combat.
  • Keep track of their available ammunition and reload when necessary.

Equipment Management

  • Equip your S-NPC with weapons, ammunition, and armor as needed.
  • Place these items in the S-NPC sprite's inventory to ensure they are accessible during combat.

Animal Followers

  • Each character is permitted to bring one animal follower with them into combat scenarios.
  • All animal followers are selected from our Codex which contains their respective stats (HP, AP, AV) and other abilities.
  • As the owner, characters have the option to Let Them Loose during combat.
    • When an animal follower is released, an admin will assume control of it as an additional NPC, directing it to hunt down members of the opposing party.
    • Animal followers do not understand the concept of projectile weapons and may be shot down.
    • It is up to the character to utilize an animal follower effectively and choose the appropriate time to Let Them Loose in combat.

  • Characters retain the ability to call their animal followers back at any time by using the Call Them Back action.
    • If the animal follower is not in immediate danger, it will make its way back to the character and they will regain control of it.
    • Animal followers that have been recalled cannot be utilized in combat until the character has Let Them Loose again.

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Last Updated: July 6, 2023