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h. Nemesis System

Nemesis System

Nemesis System

This purpose of this system is to enhance and enrich hostile enemies by providing a progression method for them.

Nemesis System Overview

  • If an enemy survives multiple events and establishes a history with a particular character or kills a member of the player's party, they can become a Nemesis.
    • A Nemesis is a personalized mini-boss that is specifically designed to counter the player's characters.
    • The actions a player takes shapes the dynamics of these rivalries and vendettas, resulting in increasingly unpredictable situations while a Nemesis is present.

  • Nemesis adversaries survive and enhance their skills in relentless pursuit of a character and whatever their ultimate goal may be.
    • They undergo progression similar to player characters.

  • It is advisable to seize the opportunity to eliminate a Nemesis adversary as soon as possible, as they may become a formidable force and pose a significant threat.

Eliminating a Nemesis

  • Successfully eliminating a Nemesis adversary serves more than just removing a powerful enemy.
  • In many cases, a stronger Nemesis will yield better drops upon their death, granting a character access to unique items with powerful abilities.
    • The strength of a Nemesis directly correlates to the potential power of items obtained upon their death.

  • It is up to the character to determine whether to show mercy towards their Nemesis, and the Nemesis' response may be influenced by their decision.
  • Alternatively, if feasible, a character can opt to imprison their Nemesis.
    • It is important to note that showing mercy can have consequences and may result in unexpected narrative twists.

Player Nemeses

  • In rare cases, a character's Nemesis may come in the form of another player character.
    • In such cases, both player characters will become each other's distinct Nemesis, possessing abilities that can potentially outdo one another.

  • As their rivalry intensifies, both will acquire new abilities and NPC followers may provide either party with valuable leads regarding their Player Nemesis' whereabouts and current objectives.
    • Should a character decide to intercept and disrupt their Player Nemesis' endevaors, they will engage in conflict against their Player Nemesis' forces or even their Player Nemesis themself.

  • Successfully defeating, halting, or destroying a Player Nemesis' objectives will increase the character's level, granting them more potent advantages against their Player Nemesis.
    • Bear in mind that a character's Player Nemesis will always possess the same capability to target and hinder them in return.

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Last Updated: June 24, 2023