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c. Stealth System

Stealth System

Stealth System

In some scenarios, a stealthier approach proves not only preferable but often essential for achieving real success.

These mechanics aim to enhance and enrich such scenarios by providing an expanded tactical layer to allow for more meaningful choices.

Character Notoriety System Integration

  • The Stealth System integrates the Character Notoriety System as a fundamental aspect of all stealth mechanics.
  • Engaging in story events and side quests that result in significant story-altering changes may increase a character's recognition by guards and other characters.
    • Notably, characters such as celebreties may have inherent notoriety, making it far more difficult for them to conceal their identity.

  • The consequences of notoriety depend on the specific circumstances and context, including both negative and positive outcomes based on a character's reputation.
  • See NOTORIETY SYSTEM for more information.

Stealth Encounter Alarm System

  • During a stealth encounter, the worldspace will transition to a turn-based system to facilitate the acquisition of important information, such as guard routes and defenses.
    • In this state, characters are allowed to utilize their weapons and abilities; however, carrying large weapons may raise suspicion among guards.

  • The GM will keep track of any mistakes made by players. These will contribute towards the overall alarm level, which ranges from 1 to 6.
  • Click on an Alarm Level to copy the info to your clipboard.

Alarm Level Description
1-2 The level of security in the area is low, with no suspicion of any possible intruders in the area.
3-4 Heightened security measures are put into place and guards begin to actively search for any suspicious activity. Previously available paths may no longer be available.
5 Guards begin actively searching for people matching the party's description. Reinforcements have been called in and are on their way. More previously available paths may no longer be available. All Notoriety gain is doubled.
6 Reinforcement arrive and the entire area is put under a lockdown. The majority of paths are now heavily defended or closed off, and the main escape route is no longer accessible. Combat is unavoidable. All Notoriety gain is tripled.

Pre-Mission Preparation

  • Before embarking on a stealth mission, characters have the opportunity to engage in Pre-Mission Preparation.
  • This phase allows the party to make strategic decisions and gather resources that will aid them during the mission.
  • See UNIQUE ABILITIES & HISTORY and SUPPORT CARDS for more information.

Unique Abilities & History

  • Each character may possess unique abilities that can be utilized during stealth encounters.
    • These abilities can range in effect and use, from having a silver tongue to having a past history with involved factions, or even just being innocuous as a person.

  • Take into account the abilities of those in your party when planning a stealth encounter.
  • To view a list of all available abilities, see the ABILITY LIST.

Support Cards

  • Support Cards are a representation of calling upon NPCs with specialized skills for assistance.
  • Support Cards can be deployed in four different directions: North, South, East, or West.
  • Click on a Support Card to copy the info to your clipboard.

Name Description
Silenced Sniper Once deployed, the Silenced Sniper can provide long-range support with a silenced rifle. This allows them to eliminate guards from a distance without alerting others. The Silenced Sniper has a 2 turn cooldown between shots.
Spotter When deployed in a location with a vantage point, the Spotter can see into buildings or rooms through windows from their respective direction. This ability enables players to gather crucial information about enemy positions and activities.
Getaway Driver The Getaway Driver ensures that characters have a reliable means of escape when needed. By utilizing an NPC as a driver, characters can establish a backup escape route. This becomes especially crucial in the event that the party is spotted or if the mission takes an unexpected turn.
Saboteur Deploying the Saboteur triggers a coordinated explosive assault on enemy infrastructure, dispersing their response forces. This buys the party up to 3 turns before reduced reinforcements arrive. Using this support card locks the mission at Level 6 alarm status.
Hacker Once deployed, the Hacker can be used to disrupt specific lower-tier security measures, such as security cameras or other automated defenses, by disabling site-wide security protocols. This disruption remains active for 5 turns, at which point the Hacker is detected and forced out of the compromised system.

Nemesis System Integration

  • The Stealth System integrates the Nemesis System, where a character's rivals have an increased chance of discovering them compared to regular guards.
  • These rivals may possess distinct advantages, tactics, and counter support cards based on their past encounters with you.
    • The level of the rivals affects the bonuses they recieve, potentially making them more challenging to evade.

  • See NEMESIS SYSTEM for more information.

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Last Updated: July 6, 2023