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v. NPC Rules

NPC Rules

NPC Rules

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are characters that differ from normal player characters in that they largely exist to move the story forward and provide support.

This section aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Gateway's NPC system and basic etiquette for effectively managing NPCs under player control.

NPC Tier List

  • The following is a list of all available NPC tiers.
  • Click on an NPC Tier to copy the info to your clipboard.

NPC Tier Description
Special NPCs (S-NPCs) Special NPCs, also known as S-NPCs, are unique characters that players can control. While certain details about these NPCs, such as names and skills, are randomized, players have full control over their actions and decisions. S-NPCs are distinct characters with their own goals and desires, even if they align closely with the objectives of the player's own character. Sometimes, lower tier NPCs (excluding Tier A) may be promoted to S-NPCs.
Tier A NPCs Tier A NPCs are exclusively controlled by the Lore Master or current GM. They represent the most prominent characters in the lore, often playign crucial roles in the story or offering unique abilities as recruitable companions. Despite their importance, Tier A NPCs can be killed during events, so it is important to consider their safety and protect them if it aligns with your character's ideals. The death of certain Tier A NPCs may directly impact the available endings of a given event or even the lore itself.
Tier B NPCs Tier B NPCs are secondary characters who possess names, speak, and have occasional involvement in events. While they lack significant importance to the overall story, they can be 'adopted' as S-NPCs to join a character's inner-circle.
Tier C NPCs Tier C NPCs are tertiary characters primarily designed to fill background roles, contribute to the atmosphere, or serve as redshirts. They may have names and limited dialogue, but their involvement is minimal. Tier C NPCs can be 'adopted' as S-NPCs to join a character's inner-circle.

General NPC Guidelines

  • Each player may only control one NPC at a time.
  • Any NPC below S-NPC tier can, and will, leave your group if your interests actively go against their personal interests or characteristics.
  • Any NPC below S-NPC tier may, at any time, develop different characteristics and evolve from the person they initially started as.
    • For example, a Lawful Police Officer can decide that becoming a raider is better for his survival in the long run.

  • Any NPC below S-NPC tier will leave upon dissolution or destruction of a group and either vanish or seek out refuge elsewhere.
    • This includes Story NPCs and Faction NPCs.

S-NPC Guidelines

  • S-NPCs must be 18-years-old or older unless explicit permission to play a minor is given by senior staff.
  • When an S-NPC dies, whether it be in or outside of combat, they are dead.
  • If staff suspects that a player is giving preferential treatment to their S-NPC over their player character, we will send them a private message reminding them of the expectations of S-NPC ownership.
  • Staff will usually rule in favor of a player when it comes to difficulty in combat scenarios with S-NPCs, depending on the context of the situation.
  • Players are under no circumstances permitted to create a new S-NPC without the approval of the Lore Master.
    • Failure to comply with this guideline will result in permanent revocation of your S-NPC privileges.

  • Players are under no circumstances permitted to 'adopt' an S-NPC without an offer from the Lore Master or current GM.

Acquiring S-NPCs

NPC Applications

  • Players may apply for an S-NPC to be paired with their character.
  • These S-NPCs may have specific a relationship with a player's character, such a relative or a significant other.

Event & Quest Rewards

  • S-NPCs can be acquired as rewards for certain quests and events.
  • Players may form an inner-circle consisting of up to four 'adopted' S-NPCs
    • These S-NPCs can fulfill various roles such as lieutenants and bodyguards.
    • Players are not required to 'adopt' an S-NPC when offered; inner-circles may consist of other players as well.

S-NPC Etiquette

  • It is crucial to remember that, while S-NPCs can be captivating and immersive characters, they are intended to complement a player's own character rather than overtake them.
    • S-NPCs serve as enhancements to a player character's journey and development; they will always play a secondary role compared to both a player's own character and other players' characters.

  • During events, the GM will regularly seize opportunities to target or outright kill S-NPCs, just like player characters.
    • These actions will be taken without consulting the player beforehand in almost all circumstances.
    • Do not ask staff to revive an S-NPC unless the circumstances were particularly unusual.

  • Controlling an S-NPC is a massive privilege and should be treated with the utmost respect; behavior and conduct while controlling an S-NPC will be subject to great scrutiny.
    • If a player becomes a general nuisance while controlling an S-NPC, we will not hesitate to revoke their S-NPC privileges.
    • If staff receives numerous complaints regarding a player's treatment of S-NPCs, we will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

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Last Updated: July 6, 2023