Character Rules

General Character Rules

  • All characters must have a real first and last name.
  • All characters must be 16 or older. No exceptions.
  • You may not play existing fictional characters from TV shows, movies, video games, etc. E.g., Rick Grimes.
  • You may not play a self-insert.

Fear Roleplay

  • You must roleplay fear. No character is fearless.
  • Failure to roleplay fear in a generally horrifying situation is considered powergaming.
  • This rule is flexible depending on the personality of the character in question.

Alternate Characters

  • You may play up to two characters at a time.
  • Anyone who donates may play 3 characters at a time.
  • You may not have multiple characters in the same faction.
  • Do not metagame between your characters.

Restricted Characters

  • At times, certain character occupations may be restricted to promote diversity in the server.
  • Characters who were played in What We Become are only being accepted on a limited basis.