Basic Rules

Roleplaying Actions

  • Dialogue must be clearly separated from actions in some way, such as putting dialogue between quotes.
  • Actions that are clear in-game do not need to be emoted (opening doors, fighting zombies, etc.)
  • In-game actions that aren’t outright clear should be emoted (building, hot-wiring a car, etc.)
  • Only describe what would be immediately apparent to others. Prioritize describing visible emotions over internal thoughts.
  • In general, we aren't harsh on different roleplay styles. Just remember to have fun!

Mechanical Gaming

  • Do not abuse game mechanics to perform actions your character could not realistically do.
  • Building bridges or structures over water is not allowed. Water is used to block off certain areas.
  • Some leeway is given here, though we ask that you keep all mechanical gaming to a realistic level.


  • Metagaming is defined as using knowledge in-character that you, as a player, only know out-of-character.
  • A major example of metagaming is traveling to a location in-game that your character does not reaistically know about, all because you had heard about it out-of-character.
  • Metagaming is strictly forbidden.


  • Powergaming is forcing actions onto other players without giving them a chance to react.
  • This also includes performing actions that are not realistic for your character or the situation you're in.
  • Make sure to always attempt actions in order to give others a chance to respond.
  • If you are found to be powergaming, your emote will be voided.

» Correct Example: Don throws a punch at Miles, attempting to bring him down to the ground.
» Incorrect Example: Don slugs Miles in the face, bringing him down to the ground.

Erotic Roleplay

  • ERP in the server is strictly forbidden.
  • You may take it to Steam, Discord, or wherever as long as it does not take place directly in the server.
  • You may roleplay suggestive topics in the server, to an extent.
  • Admins have the final say on determining what is and is not ERP.


  • Do not hoard an unrealistic amount of items. This is considered mechanical gaming.
  • Factions are given more leniency when it comes to hoarding.
  • Admins have the final say on determining what is and is not hoarding.


  • Bleeding is defined as takin out-of-character influences and using them in-character, or vice versa.
  • A major example of bleeding is deciding to harm someone in-character because you're upset with them out-of-character.
  • This also goes for giving someone special treatment in-character because you're on good terms out-of-character.
  • Bleeding is strictly forbidden.


  • You may use both the global chat and in-game radios to contact other players.
  • When using the radio, add *R* or something similar to the beginning of your message.
  • Don’t hold long conversations over global radio.
  • Unless specified otherwise, it is assumed that anyone using the radio over global is speaking on the public frequency.