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iv. Claim Rules

Claim Rules

Claim Rules

General Claim Rules

  • In order to be considered valid, all claims must have an item renamed to something containing the claimant’s name outside of each main entrance.
    • For example: “Texas Battle’s Bro Fort,” “Max Rutherford’s Drug Den,” etc.
    • All players start with a stack of 100 Post-It Note items which may be used for indicating claims, among other things.
    • If a claim is something temporary, such as a campsite, a claim indicator somewhere in the vicinity will suffice.

  • If a player is offline for an extended period of time, their claim will be considered invalid and made available to other characters.
    • It can be difficult to track player activity for every single claim; if you suspect a claim has been inactive for an extended period of time, submit a support ticket, and an admin will look into it.

  • Players may specify whether an entrance or room in their claim is locked via a note or by mechanically locking the door; in both cases, the area is considered locked.
  • Garages, sheds, vehicles, and items in the general vicinity of a claim are considered part of that claim.

Personal Claims

  • Personal claims are a claim owned by a single character, and each character may only have a single personal claim.
  • A character may not claim a large structure, such as a warehouse or shopping center, for themself.
    • Keep all personal claims to a reasonable size, such as a single room, a single house, or a campsite.

  • Personal claims must be reasonably defendable by one character.
    • For personal claims within a larger group claim (e.g., a single room in a building), the group claim will be considered for defendability.

  • Players may use a vehicle as their personal claim.
    • Vehicles as personal claims differ from vehicles as an extension of a personal claim in that the player must carry around their claim indicator and place it when the vehicle is left unattended.
    • All items must be stored inside the vehicle to be considered part of the claim; items left outside are not protected under the Theft & Damage rule.
    • Personal claim vehicles must be mechanically locked; a note stating that the vehicle is locked will not suffice.

Group & Faction Claims

  • Group and faction claims are owned collectively by a group of characters.
    • Characters may have personal claims within these larger group claims (e.g., a single room in a building).

  • Group and faction claims are only required to list the name of the group or faction leader in its claim indicator.
  • Group and faction claims must be reasonably defendable by their members.
    • A group of five may be able to defend a single department store, but they would not be able to defend an entire mall.

  • All vehicles in a group or faction claim are collectively owned by all members unless one member specifically claims a vehicle.
  • All members of a group or faction claim must be inactive for an extended period of time in order for the claim to be considered invalid.

Theft & Damage

  • The robbing of a claim while its owner is offline, otherwise known as Offline Robbery, is strictly prohibited.
  • In order to rob a claim, ensure that its owner is online before entering.
    • For group or faction claims, at least one member must be online.

  • If you would like to rob a specific claim and suspect the player has been inactive long enough for their claim to be considered invalid, submit a support ticket.
    • Entering a supposedly inactive claim before receiving confirmation will be considered offline robbery.

  • Players must roleplay all actions when robbing a claim.
    • If actions are not emoted in the chat, the scene will be voided and the player will be required to return all stolen items.

  • Robberies of group and faction claims require a GM or admin present for supervision.
    • Submit a ticket in-game or on the forums before robbing a group or faction claim.

  • Do not damage claims or towns without a valid in-character (IC) reason.


  • Players may kidnap a character and hold them captive either inside or outside of a claim.
  • If a character is kidnapped, they may attempt to escape regardless of whether their captor is online.
    • When attempting an escape while a captor is away, leave a note out-of-character (OOC) for the captor explaining exactly how your character managed to escape.
    • An admin must be present for any and all breakout attempts; before attempting an escape, submit a support ticket and coordinate with an admin.

  • When kidnapping a character, leave a note for the captive OOC describing the area in which they are being held.
    • This includes all possible exits, giving the captive ample information to describe their potential escape.

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Last Updated: June 29, 2023