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Claim Rules

Personal Claims

  • Characters may claim one building or room.

» A note stating the character's name and the date which is the claim was established must be placed at every entrance, not including windows.
» Players may specify whether or not the entrance is locked via the note, or mechanically lock the entrance. Both act the same.

  • Garages and sheds in the general vicinity of a claim may be claimed as well.

» Items placed down in the general vicinity of the claim are considered part of the claim and may not be stolen unless the claim owner is online.

  • Vehicles parked outside or inside a claimed base are protected from offline robbery.

» The vehicles must have a claim note placed by them as well.

  • A claim must be defendable in order for it to be valid.
  • If a player is offline for one week or more, their claim becomes invalid.

» Check with an admin before assuming a claim is invalid.
» If you need to leave for personal reasons, submit a ticket beforehand letting the admins know and we won't invalidate your claim. Otherwise, submit a ticket to have your claim returned, if possible.

Faction Claims

  • Factions may claim more than one building.

» If a faction only has one building claimed, list every member living there on the claim note as you would with a personal claim. This is not required for claims spanning a large area.

  • The rules on locked doors are the same for faction claims as they are for personal claims.
  • Characters may have personal claims within faction claims.
  • Items left in communal areas may be taken even while the owner is offline. They are not protected under the offline robbery rules.
  • Players must be active within a faction to maintain their personal claim.

» Faction leaders reserve the right to revokea player's claim if they are online. Otherwise, if they are inactive the leaders must first gain permission from and admin via a ticket.
» The one week limit may apply here if the faction leader so chooses, but it's ultimately up to them.

Theft and Destruction

  • Players may rob any claim as long as the claim owner is online.
  • Players must roleplay all actions when robbing a claim.

» If the player does not, the scene will be voided and they will be required to return all stolen items.

  • For claims with multiple people residing within, don't wait for all but one to be offline in order to easily rob it.
  • Don’t grief claims or towns.

» Ex. Do not bomb or destroy claims or towns without a valid in-character reason.
» Leading a massive horde to a player base without prior permission from an admit via a ticket is considered griefing.


  • You may kidnap a character either inside or outside of a claim.
  • If you are kidnapped, you may only attempt to escape if your captor is online.

» Death counts as an escape. You may not have your character commit suicide while your captor is offline.
» Notify an admin via a ticket or Discord DM prior to all escape attempts so that they may be present. Escape attempts without an admin present will be voided.

  • When attempting to escape, make sure to leave a note out-of-character explaining exactly how you managed to make your way out.

» If your captor does not log on for two days, then you may escape regardless of whether or not it is possible.

  • When kidnapping a character, make sure to leave a note out-of-character describing the area in which they are being held.

» This includes all possible exits, giving the prisoner ample information to describe their escape.


  • Vehicles may be used as a personal base if the player so wishes.

» All items placed outside a vehicle must be in a container in order to be considered part of the claim. Otherwise, they are free game.
» If you are using a vehicle as a personal base, it must be locked mechanically. Roleplay notes do not count in this case.