Event Rules

Bandits and NPCs

  • Non-player-characters (NPCs) and Bandits will act like any other character and are not to be utilized as meat for the grinder.
  • No NPCs/Bandits will be alike.


  • Traders will appear either on mutual grounds or at the doorstep to communities.

» They will usually bring the things players need. (e.g. if you have a bar, they will bring alcohol; if you have a forge, they will bring materials.)

  • Players are permitted to rob traders if given the chance.

General Events

  • Players are expected to not be disruptive while participating in an event.

» This rule applies to both the in-game chat and in the Discord voice and text channels.
» This is specifically refering to out-of-character disruptions, though it can also branch out to in-character disruptions as well.
» In order for events to run as smooth as possible, out-of-character comments, questions, complaints, etc. are hereby disallowed unless absolutely necessary.
» Decisions regarding what is and is not disruptive are up to the admins' discretions.

  • Players are advised to not rush through events and to look at the minor details. Everything is important to the story.
  • If you die during an event in what you view to be an unjust manner, simply submit a ticket.

» The ticket will be processed once the event has concluded.
» Flooding any of the chats, whether voice or text, in-game or in the Discord, will be met with a warning.
» We are not obligated to give you a reason on why you were killed.

  • Do not post-event spoilers in the shoutbox or in Discord.