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Clementine Bassot


Clementine Bassot
Biographical Information
Eye ColorBlue
Weight120 lbs
Blood TypeAB Positive
Personal Information
HometownTours, France
ReligionAtheist (Formerly Catholic)
OccupationMedical Student
Date of BirthJune 3rd, 1990

Other Information
AlignmentChaotic Good
Languages SpokenFrench (Native), English
Story Information
Current StatusAlive
Infected Killed0
Non-Infected Killed0
First AppearanceS1E1
Last AppearanceN/A

Born to a Wealthy Family in France, Clementine grew up in a very comfortable but traditional family. This caused a rift between herself and the rest of her extended family, excluding her brother Pierre. After moving to the United States to attend school, she enrolled in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, and ended up being deployed on the front lines against Cortoraso Ossificans after a lack of actual doctors caused emergency responders to scrape the bottom of the barrel, looking for anyone who might be qualified enough to work. Intelligent, yet inexperienced, Clementine tries her best.

Relationships - Bassot Family
Mere et Pere - Parents"They need to stay the fuck away from me." (Status Unknown)
Pierre Bassot - Brother"My Brother. He's in Chicago still. I can only hope he is okay, and I can find a way to contact him." (Status Unknown)
Sebastien Bassot - Brother"Where were you Seb... the UK if I remember correctly? Things must be bad other there. (Status Unknown)
Beatrice Bassot - sister"If there is anyone I'm worried about back in France.... it's my sister, Beatrice." (Status Unknown)
Jacques Bassot - Brother"He was always a little shit, but he's still my brother." (Status Unknown)

Relationships - The Dairy
Bowie McBride - AcquaintanceTBA (Status Alive)
Maxwell Cohen - Acquaintance TBA (Status Alive)
Maya Zhang - Acquaintance TBA (Status Alive)
Adalbert Von Streganhoff - Acquaintance TBA (Status Alive)
Emma Reid - Acquaintance TBA (Status Alive)
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