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(W.I.P) Takeshi Tong Journal: Masuras Keep, Toronto


I look out my window of my room to the market and people below. People bartering over supplies and selling various goods. Some members of Masuras mafia gathered around a fire drinking and telling stories it seems. In the distance Guards stand atop the wall with guns in hand keeping out the dead and bandits. "An actual functioning town." I said to myself as I step away from the window and change into something warm before I head downstairs.

I'm greeted by Masura coming down the stairs and he asks me to take a walk with him. We exit the hotel lobby which seems to be used as a meeting ground for the town and his mafia, as few members lingered around the lobby smoking and chatting. We Begin walking down the street and catching up since our separation. We sat down at a food vendor who's cooking up some duck caught from local lake. "It's on the house" said the cook to Masura. Masura smiled and nodded his head and turned to me. "I know your probably wondering how the hell is all of this possible." He said to me. I told him that it's hard to fathom a functioning town with so many people working together? "When I arrived in Toronto I searched the city for the friends I mentioned to you before." "Well we all being former Yakuza stuck together and started clearing out and scavenging the hotel where most of the townsfolk live today." He said. "Little by little survivors would pass through with no ways to defend themselves, so I ensured the people that Masura Mafia would protect them against the dead or bandits." "They agreed, so as time went on our ranks with the Masura Mafia grew recruiting folk eager to earn the title and benefits of being a mafia member." In response I told him "It sounds like you and your gang run the show, your the king with your knights and the townsfolk are...well the commonfolk." "Precisely" said Masura as we finished up our meal.

We walked towards the entrance of the town, climbed some stairs to a watchtower to overlook the entrance. Piled cars moved the make a cone shape to the entrance. Good defensively strategy against dead and bandits alike. "When folk come to town, they are made to give up their weaponry, we screen them before letting them pass. If they get upset they can always leave and find another town." "With my crew controlling all the weapons in town, we have better control over the people here." Said Masura. "We protect the people, and in return they work and provide not just for themselves but for my crew as well." "Should someone get the idea that they don't need us anymore couple of my guys have ways of being persuasive." I remember give him a stern look but saying nothing. I thought to myself in that moment, "Masura got what he wanted...a position of power with a small army and people to obey and work for him." We took walk back down the stairs and he was urged by some of his crew that bandits were spotted at the Northern gate. We rush to the northern gates and peer out from the barricaded wall.

W.I.P (Things may change throughout the story or the story entirely) (Trying to give off, big functioning town with Masura the dictator in charge vibes)