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Takeshi Tong's Journal: Masura's Keep


Six months since Takeshi's departure from Monroe

A cloudy day with light drizzle as I pull up to entrance of Goat island from Green island. Looking in my rearview I see the small fledgling community that lives on green island. Assuming traders, or civilians that were not allowed in. A giant fence separates the the two islands, not to mention the car blockade in the shape of a cone. Smart planning by Masura I assume. The Green van in front of me waves at the guards on top of the fence to open the gate and our vehicles in. We drive in and make our way to a building formerly called "Top of the falls" a fancy restaurant by the looks of it from the outside. I grab some of my gear and follow Masura two men inside the building. Much of the building has been converted into a headquarters and home. I walk up a set of stairs to the second floor and open the door to see Masura standing looking outside the a window. "It truly is beautiful is It not" I remember him asking me. I walk up besides him casually as if it only been yesterday that we last seen each other. I said to him "It is truly remarkable." If I know Masura he is not only speaking of the view of the water but of the town below that he help build. Looking below is a bustling town of people. Wooden and metal shacks line the area along with tents and small homes in the vicinity. I stand there almost a loss for words to see "Society" functioning again. "I have so many questions" His response "In due time old friend, come let me show you where you will stay, you must be tired form your travel. Rest and will talk over dinner." So I unload my gear into a room that has been turned into a bedroom of sorts. I sit on the bed, pondering events past in Monroe, I lay back and close my eyes.

Eight months have passed since the day of my arrival.

I meant what I said about the town being remarkable. He has converted this former restaurant as his home/ Headquarters. Think of it as the mayor's Manor, although he would probably call it his Palace. In front of the building has been turned into a market of sorts. People of all sorts bartering, begging, living. Hundreds of people I have seen and I'm told there are still more on the island. Homes have been built to the south and north of Masuras Manor with the parking lot to the east functioning as a tent city. Much of the cars have been moved or cleared to make room. The people have harnessd some electricity from the falls along with fresh water. Farms have even been built on the island to feed the growing population on the island. It truly is a dream place to be it would seem. He has even asked if I would be willing to return to Monroe to recruit new people with particular trade skills.

Now some bad things that I have taken note of since my arrival here. Masura...is a dictator through and through. His word is law. People respect him for everything he has built but fear him for what he will do to maintain his power and control over everything. Can I blame him for wanting to keep his town thriving and zed free...no I can't. I mean he has built a functional town from near nothing and has maintained it for three years now. A refuge for survivors from the outside world looking for peace and normalcy. He has implemented everything from the farms, shelter, currency system, protection from the undead the list goes on. But he has set up a class system in place that I find unjust. He sits atop his throne with Masura's men finding the most reward but requiring unwavering loyalty, then are his doctors and scientists people with notable trade skills, then everyone else at the bottom. His men patrol and police the island. Locking up citizens who have been accused of being infected, intimidating people who speak out against Masura, threatening survivors that do not pay their fare share.
I write all of this in my journal in my room in his manor. I guess that makes me a bad person as well. I can't deny that I enjoy the privileges and things allotted to me, but I am extremely humble for the things given to me. Although I am not required too, I help around the town as much as I can from moving supplies around, assistance in farming and loot runs and even intervening when Masura men treat people unjust. I am his number two on the island since my arrival and the people often see us in contrasting lights. I have even heard rumor and soft whispers of people wishing to elect me as the defacto leader of "Masuras Keep". Some tension has grown between us two these past months, partly because of these rumors. I do not wish for this position of power, but the unjust power he exerts over the people make them wish for change. I do not know if I am the man they wish for. I do not know if I am the man to lead these people.
A storm is brewing in the distance... physically and metaphorically.

*The Journal lay open on his nightstand nearby is a map of Masura's Keep (Goat Island)*
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