Takeshi Tong


Takeshi Tong
Biographical Information
Birthplace Yokohama, Japan
D.O.B.March 5, 1978
Blood TypeO- Negative
OccupationFormer Yakuza Hitman
Physical Information
Height5'9 176.70 cm
Build Average slightly fit
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourAmber
Personal Information
Languages English, Japanese
Religion Agnostic
Hobby's Gambling, Painting, Fishing, Meditation
Skill's Tang Soo do, Kendo, Marksman, Observation, Human anatomy, Stealth, Leadership
Sexual orientation Straight

Takeshi Tong is a character and survivor in GWR's lore ''What we become Pt.2: What remains"


His black hair is in a messy man bun with streaks of grey hair. His facial hair is a pepperish coloured stubble with a goatee & mustache.
Takeshi has been seen wearing a dark brown leather coat with a maroon button up shirt. He was also wearing dark brown cargo pants with brown leather boots. We noticed he was wearing some jewelry; A gold locket around his neck, a classic style Rolex watch on his right wrist and a gold wedding band on his left hand.
He carries a backpack on his back along with with a sheathed katana.

He has adept social judgment; personality traits of orderliness, control, and paranoid vigilance. He is sometimes cold to complete strangers but sociable to people he knows a little better. Very intelligent and honest to a fault. His older age has made him more humble and selfless.

Takeshi Tong was born 03/05/1978 to Japanese parents Jun Tong and Cindy Namuguchi in Yokohama Japan. Takeshi grew up in a poverty stricken neighborhood living with his mother, father and uncle whom all worked in a local shoe factory. He attended school and was among the top students in his school but was often bullied for being poor. He desired much and hated his poor lifestyle so he began to steal food, clothes, and money. 1988 when he was 10 years old his parents were involved in a deadly automobile accident leaving him as the only survivor. His uncle Lin Tong then becomes his new guardian and decides to move to New York for work with his nephew in 1990.

They moved to the neighborhood of flushing, queens New York. His uncle found work as a local tailor. Takeshi was enrolled in school and excelled. Outside of school he began to get involved with lower ranking members of the New York based Yakuza mafia through some school friends. He graduates in 1996 top of his class. By this time he already running small jobs for the Yakuza. Couple years later he moves away from his uncle in flushing to an apartment in Chinatown Manhattan, New York. He rises up the ladder in ranks taking on bigger jobs and by 2003 he is made a hitman for the Yakuza mafia

In 2007 he was married to a Japanese woman named Akira Tanaka. In 2008 he had a twin sons born in Tokyo, Japan named Danny Tong and Chang Tong. Sometime in 2016 Akira Tanaka filed for a divorce from Takeshi Tong. Presumably over his lavish and fast lifestyle due to his connections with the Yakuza mafia.

It is believed that from 2003 to 2016 he committed around 20 assassinations along with various other crimes including kidnapping, arson, theft, drug trafficking, jaywalking and extortion. From Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami and even other countries such as France, Spain, Italy, China, South Korea and Japan. He is a dangerous individual, and caution must be taken around him. He has managed to evade charges time and time again.

After the collapse it is unknown where his exact whereabouts were up until 2028 he was seen wandering near Monroe and Is believed to had been wandering the east coast. He has aged greatly, and looks dreary from his years of violence and crime. One would assume he is in search for a more peaceful lifestyle now.

- Former FBI Agent Jackson Smith

***-Former FBI Agent Jackson Smith
My days in the FBI are behind me, but some things die hard. Im currently a detective for this town called Masuras Keep in Toronto. Don't get much work now a days except for the occasional retrieval of lost items or persons; until I spotted the man himself walk through the gates. Takeshi Tong. I had long forgot about him. He looked slightly worse then the last time I made a report about him. Bandaged hand missing a finger, slightly dirty, ragged leather jacket full beard and long hair but oddly enough his katana seemed to be relatively clean. The Masura Mafia was escorting him most likely to see Hayato.The de facto leader of this town and former member of the Yakuza. My eyes will be peeled for him. Wonder what type of person he is now. Time will tell.

These relationships may be inaccurate in order to prevent metagaming.
"A small community I have been staying near for the past few months till I head to Toronto. So much has happened to me and this town. It's time to bid farewell and start my drive to Toronto. Monroe thanks for the rest you gave me but it's goodbye."- This faction appears to be known
The Coalition of Pittsford and Fairpoint
"I still do not know much about them, I think they are a group who wants to control Monroe." - This faction appears to be relatively unknown
The 'Crows'
"I have spoken with a few members in Monroe, nice enough but odd. They are not cannibals or vampires like the rumors i have heard...that I know of. They seem like a cult of some kind."-This faction appears to be lightly known."
"..."- This faction appears to be relatively unknown
Yakuza Mafia (Formerly)
"Many members are dead or scattered. Very few remain that I know of; Last member I spoke to was Hayato Masaru but that was three years ago."- This faction is very well known
Akira Tanaka (Ex-Wife)
"I still love you very much, even after the divorce...I hope your okay wherever you may be."
Danny & Chang Tong (Sons) "I love you sons, I have done many bad things in my life but I have always tried to do good by you two, take care of your mother."
Lin Tong (Uncle)
"We have had our share of differences this is true, but you cared for me till the day you died...rest easy uncle."
Jun & Cindy Tong (Parents)
"I miss y'all very much, though our time together was short, you taught me to persevere in every situation. Father you once told me "You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace."
Hayato Masaru (Friend)
"It's been three years since we had last talked, you have always been a good friend. You accompanied me for a couple years but we each have our own path in life to follow. I hope you are well and will meet again soon."
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