Rebecca Sayton


Rebecca Sayton
Biographical Information
Height~ 180cm
Weight~ 80kg
Personal Information
First SeenWhat We Become Part 1 - Episode 1
Last SeenPresent
AliasBecka, Bekkie
AllignmentChaotic Neutral

Theme Song

Extra Information
HistoryRebecca grew up on the outskirts of Graceville, Kentucky. She was only 16 when society collapsed and the world went dark for good. It was in the Valley Station region where she met a younger girl, one who she would later lose to a group of religious nutjobs and a loss that would change her permanently. She has spent the previous 10 years roaming around the mid-west and east coast of what use to be the United States simply surviving....
Physical AppearanceRebecca's overall appearance states that she's been involved in some kind of militia or paramilitary force recently, from her rigid-straight stance and stonewall attitude. Her dark-brown hair is tied behind her head into a ponytail, while her white t-shirt is covered by a black leather jacket. Around her dark-blue jeans is a duel holster, with a 1911 and a .357 Magnum revolver along with a hunting knife strapped onto the back of it. A set of pristine black military boots are laced almost perfectly on her feet.
Infected KillsHundreds? Thousands?
Survivor KillsA few dozen...
PermanentGunshot Scar - Lower/Left Abdomen
PermanentGash/Cut Scar - Across Left Eye


"Did you kill them?"
"Yes. They're dead."
"All of them...Now leave me alone..."
"Not so fast, you still need t-"
"Get your hand off me before I smash it to pieces!"
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Expanded Story
The Lincoln Militia
The following story takes place two years prior to What We Become: Part 2. The story involves Rebecca's time spent within the Washington D.C. area up to the point she leaves the city. There may be some slightly disturbing and graphic scenes within the story so you have been warned.

== Year 1, Month 1, Day 1 ==

Spending a few days in the outskirts searching houses and other buildings, Rebecca began to venture inwards closer to the city center, taking a mild interest in seeing some of dilapidated yet standing landmarks that once pulled hundreds of thousands of tourists in each year. But there were no crowds least none that were living. After taking a short stroll past the Lincoln Memorial, of which had been vandalized to the point where Lincoln's facial features were almost unrecognizable. Rebecca continued onwards towards the Washington Memorial with the evening sun beginning to set. The entire area was heavily overgrown, with tree's sprouting up everywhere and tall grass that reached as high as Rebecca's waist covering the entirety of the park, the gentle evening breeze was somewhat comforting and rustled the tree canopies above her.

As she approached the western face of the monument the tree canopies above her became thicker and without realizing, something snagged on her leg. Before she knew it her leg was pulled out from underneath her as she was flipped upside down and pulled upwards into the sky. For a moment everything was spinning as she struggled to comprehend what happend as she dangled about two meters above the ground with her right foot entangled in a rope trap. After spending a short moment gaining her bearings, she grabbed the knife from her belt before trying her hardest to pull herself upwards to cut the rope holding her. She failed to reach the rope on the first few tries, succeeding on her third by grabbing onto her foot for balance. However as she began to saw through the rope the chilling sound of a vehicle approaching in the distance could be heard. Not wanting to find out whom it belonged to she began sawing the rope faster and as she reached the half-way mark the rope gave way under her weight and she fell straight down, landing hard on her back. The landing knocked the wind out of her and she spent another moment catching her breath as she rolled over onto her belly. But what was more concerning was that the sound of the vehicle she heard a moment ago had completely vanished. Knowing it had to be somewhere nearby, Rebecca began a cautious jog towards the nearest set of buildings to the north of the monument.

Quickly crossing the road she took cover inside what use to be a coffee shop. Chairs and tables are strewn all over the main room and trays of cutlery and ceramic plates and cups are scattered all over the floor. Rebecca stops for a moment to watch where she just came from, eyeing a group of three armed individuals toting assault rifles casually approach the trap she had just escaped from. They all wore matching jackets with indistinguishable emblems on their arms. After spending a moment looking at the trap which had no catch, one of them picked up the loop of rope that had been cut off when Rebecca escaped. As the one whom picked up the rope showed it to the other two, all three of them began scanning their immediate surroundings, as if expecting some kind of ambush.

Not wanting to hang around longer the necessary, Rebecca made her way quickly towards the back of the store, looking for the exit that likely led out into the alley. She slowly opened the rear door that creaked louder then she hoped for, peaking both ways down the alley before slipping off further away from the armed men that she had previously seen. Unfortunately as she left the alley and crossed the street someone yelled out behind her,

"I GOT ONE! OVER HERE!" Rebecca's first instinct was to run as fast as she could and make as much distance between her and her assailants. However, unbeknownst to her as she entered the next alley, she ran directly into the vehicle she heard earlier. A white, rusted pickup truck was parked in a parking area to the right of the alley, but an absolute brick of a man, facing her down with a sledgehammer in his hands blocked her only means of escape further down the narrow alley. The man grinned showing his yellow, disfigured teeth,

"Listen here little lady, how 'bout you stop where you are and we talk 'bout this?" the man said with a slight Germanic accent. Not wanting to turn back to face more then one opponent, Rebecca charged straight towards the brute, expecting to be able to out-maneuver the larger man with her agility. However, this wasn't some movie and the man was a lot faster then he looked, grabbing Rebecca's ponytail as she tried to slip by him and hurling her back towards the car. She gained a bit of air before she slammed into the passenger door, however, as the brute closed in to finish her with the sledgehammer, she skirted to the side and managed to kick him in the arm, temporarily driving him backwards. Realizing that she would have to fight to get past him she drew her knife and charged at him once again, this time fainting her attack. As the man lazily dodged her non-existent attack she drove the knife into the side of his abdomen, to which he roared out in pain, "YOU FUCKING BITCH!". The man retaliated by swinging his right arm around his body and nailed Rebecca in the face with a solid backhanded slap that sent her hurling backwards. She slammed into the side of a brick building as she began seeing stars, struggling to stay awake at this point from the punch she received. As she tried to roll onto her stomach, the brute, who had been busy inspecting the knife still lodged in his abdomen moved his attention back towards Rebecca. Scowling furiously he hobbled towards her before lining up his foot and kicking her square in the face. Then nothing.

== Year 1, Month 1, Day 2 ==

All that she could remember next was a blinding light that overloaded her senses, then a stained, concrete floor. Then a damp, cold concrete room that was completely barren except for a bucket of water in the corner and a steel-plated door. The next thing she noticed was that her entire body ached, bruises up and down her arms, legs and the rest of her body, which was covered with nothing more then her underwear and a old, soaking wet t-shirt from some football game dated back in '99. Any attempt or minor movement of her body sent waves of incredible pain across her body and after a few exhausting attempts at sitting up she collapsed, falling unconscious again as the pain exhausted her.

== Year 1, Month 1, Day 3 ==

As she awoke once again her first thoughts was the change of scenery. She was no longer in the cold, concrete room she awoke in before, but rather a somewhat more comfortable room. Laying on a simple mattress she took a moment to soak in the room, the wooden flooring had been recently cleaned and mopped, the water of which was still drying. The walls were covered in a dated and slightly damaged wallpaper of pink and white flowers. Across the room was a small table and stool, with 2 bottles of water and what looked to be a can of soup sitting atop. A single barred window overlooked the table and allowed a set of bright light rays to douse the entire room in a beautiful golden glow. To the left of the window was the door that had been reinforced with a metal brace.

After taking another moment to collect herself, Rebecca attempted to shift herself upwards, groaning and pausing as the pain hit her again, although not nearly as bad as beforehand. As she slowly sat herself upright she took a moment to look herself over. At some point she had her clothes changed again and was now wearing a set of grey sweatpants and a green and white striped long-sleeve shirt that smelt of burnt cigarettes. Pulling her sleeves upwards she inspected the bruises on her arms, purple and still tender to the touch it left her wondering how long she had been out cold and furthermore, where she had been taken. Her stomach groaned as the feeling of hunger set in, she slowly crawled her way over to the table, shuffling forward on her arms and legs to minimize the pain before resting herself next to the low table. Grabbing the can she realized that the lid for the peaches had been removed and replaced by a plastic wrapping to preserve the food while ensuring she wouldn't need any tool to open it. Carefully removing the plastic wrapping from the top of the can she dug her fingers into the can and pulled out two slices of peaches, dropping them into her mouth. The taste was incredibly sweet but also relieving.

As she slowly chewed on and ate the remaining peaches, she could hear talking and various sounds of activity from outside the window, from what she could tell there were a few dozen people and even vehicles occasionally moving around. After finishing the peaches she grabbed one of the bottles and unscrewed the cap, chugging greedily almost the entire bottle, taking a few moments to breath in between. After eating and drinking, Rebecca pulled herself up so that she was standing, taking extreme care so that she didn't hurt herself in the process. She began to hobble gingerly towards the door, grabbing hold of the handle and giving it a jiggle, unsurprisingly to find that it was locked from the other side. However, her jiggle did garner the attention of whoever was on the other side of the door and she heard a key being slot into the door,

"Back away from the door!" the muffled voice ordered to which Rebecca complied, taking a couple of steps backwards.
The door swung inwards and a scrawny looking man about as high as Rebecca with messy brown hair and a patchy beard stepped in. He donned a padded vest and pants and had a gun holstered on his belt alongside what looked to be some kind of Jerry-rigged billy club.

"Was startin' to think you weren't gonna wake up," He chuckles slightly with a southern accent. "You should count yer'self lucky though, Krieger was about to crush ye' head with his hammer but Rich managed to get to you before he could. You got him pretty good to...he's still in the infirmary healin'," He rambles on as Rebecca silently stares at him cautiously. "Y'know, you're kind of pretty, but that don't really matter, you'll get yer work cut out for ye-" He's cut short as a slightly taller, more presentable man steps around the corner and enters the room behind him.

"Clint. Get out," he orders in a calm but authoritarian tone.

"Uh..yeah boss...sorry" Clint responds, hurrying out of the room and out of sight. The man wore a turquoise long sleeve shirt underneath a black leather jacket, and donned black suit pants with complementing black leather boots. His hair was neatly combed backwards and his face cleanly shaven which gave him a very neat and clean overall look in general. For a brief moment he looked Rebecca up and down.

"They really did a number on you didn't they?" He muttered disapprovingly before returning his eyes to meet hers, "My name is Richard but most people call me Rich, might I know whom you are?" He would ask invitingly. Rebecca would stay quiet, staring at the man with the same cautious glare as she had with Clint, "You know, where I'm from it's rude to not say anything after someone introduces themselves," He says calmly in a friendly tone, "Are you going to tell me?" He asks again.

"Rebecca" she states timidly.

Richard responds by clasping his hands theatrically, "Rebecca! Don't think we have anyone named Rebecca around here, so you'd be a first. We got lots of Tim's and Jim's and whatnot but no Rebecca's," He states jubilantly while smiling before his expression turns a little more serious, "Listen Rebecca, you hurt one of our guys pretty bad and I was prepared to let them kill you in that alley," He states as he begins pacing the room, slowly moving in a circle around Rebecca, "Perhaps it was divine intervention from some heavenly figure or perhaps it was simply something I saw in you, but I decided to spare you," He says while he continues to circle around her, "Now. I need to know something from you and I want you to answer me this truthfully, how long have you been in D.C. for?" He asks.

"I-I don't know...a few least before I got attacked," She responds.

"A few days...mmhhmm," He mumbles, "And in those few days did you happen to meet anyone? Anyone with shaved heads or people with face paint?" He asks again.

"N-No?" She stutters slightly, a little off guard by the strange line of questioning.

Richard would approach her from behind, grabbing her by the shoulders and digging his fingers into both of her collarbones which sends waves of pain crashing through her body and forces her to her knees, "I've been honest and hospitable to you so far, so I don't appreciate you lying to me," He says in a far more cold and agitated voice, "I know you're with the Crawlers, you had their backpack on you, so I'll ask you again, who did you meet with?" He asks again as he releases some of the pressure off her collarbones.

"Nobody!" Rebecca exclaims as tears roll down her face, "I found the bag in an empty house along with a bunch of gear way on the outskirts!"

Richard removes his hands from her shoulders and backs away to continue circling around her, "So you just...found some random house? I find that very hard to believe Rebecca," He says in a unconvincing tone, before reaching behind him and pulling a folded map out, "You know what, I'll bite, tell me where this house is and I'll send some of my guys to go and take a look to see whether you're lying." He unfolds the map and lays it out in front of her, "Now point to the map where you supposedly found the bag?" He demands impatiently, watching closely as Rebecca retraced her steps from the Washington Monument, eventually ending up near the suburb of Fair Haven, "Fair Haven? OK. What building are we looking for exactly?"

"Uhm...Two story house...white paint with a red upside-down V painted on the front door," She stammers, still in pain from his grip earlier.

"OK Rebecca. I'll get some of my people to check it out but if they come back empty handed or I find out it was a trap, I'll make you wish you died in that alley" He says as he takes the map and stands up, walking out and closing the door behind him. The sound of the lock clicking shut afterwards.

== Year 1, Month 1, Day 5 ==

A day or two had past and Rebecca received very little contact with anyone else beyond the guard who gave her food and water without conversation. It was dreadfully boring and there was almost nothing for her to do during this time. She would spend most of it staring out the window and watch the people go about their days, at least she knew where she was now. Whoever these people were, they had set up a settlement at the remains of the Capitol building, she appeared to be held close to the center of the entire complex and while she couldn't see a whole lot, judging by the amount of vehicle and foot traffic that comes and goes through the compound she could see, she got the feeling that the entire settlement was massive with hundreds of people living here. The area in which she was being held looked to be some kind of supply depot where food and other items were rationed out and organised and the entire area was patrolled and watched over by dozens of guards.

Eventually the door lock clicked open and Clint's voice could be heard on the other side,
"Back away from the door," he said in his muffled voice. The door once again swung inwards and Clint, along with two other guards dressed in a similar fashion stepped into the room.

"Rich wants to see you in his office," he states plainly reaching behind him and pulling a set of plasti-cuffs off his belt, "Put your hands out side by side."

Rebecca initially hesitates but does as she's told, not wanting to piss these people off. Clint clicks the handcuffs on and tightens them appropriately before gesturing for her to follow the guard ahead of her. As they began walking down to the ground floor of the compound, Rebecca pondered on what was going to happen when she eventually arrived at Rich's office. Did they find what they were looking for? Was she going to get let go? Or did they find nothing? What was going to happen if they couldn't find whatever it was Rich wanted them to find? A thousand thoughts raced through her mind as they continued the walk towards the Capitol building. As they moved through the busy square, Rebecca couldn't help but notice the amount of people watching her as she was escorted towards the Capitol building, many of whom appeared to simply be civilians getting food for their families. As they entered the Capitol building, Rebecca couldn't help but notice how clean and well maintained the interior was. The floors had been recently polished and she could almost make out her reflection in them while all of the walls were in an almost pristine condition with almost no wear and tear. They continued up the stares, leading to the third floor of the building where she was marched down the hall a little longer and stopped outside of an office that was guarded by two men whom wore black suits like some kind of presidential guard. Clint grabbed her hands and unlocked the handcuffs, slipping them back onto his belt before knocking on the door.

"You better play nice little lady," he muttered to Rebecca before walking off with the other two guards that escorted her.

"Come in!" Richards muffled voice boomed through the door as Rebecca slowly entered the room, closing the door behind her. The room was a converted office, with large bookshelves lining either side of the room and a large glass window overlooking the majority of the settlement which was now evidently larger then Rebecca had initially thought. Right in front of the window was a large, polished oak desk with a very comfy looking office chair behind it. In front were two padded wooden chairs suitable for meetings. The entire room was clean and well maintained from top to bottom. To the left of the desk stood Richard, whom was busy pouring himself some kind of beverage from a small bar he had.

"Please. Sit down Rebecca," he requests with a smile and friendly tone. Rebecca pauses for a moment before walking over towards the desk and sitting down in one of the padded chairs. Richard finishes making his drink and follows suit, walking over to the desk and sitting down in his chair, "So it looks like you were telling the truth...or alternatively were stupid enough to give your friends up," he says with a grin, "But I don't think you're stupid. If you care as to know what happend, my friends found the house you pointed out along with a small group of those Crawler fucks hiding out in the basement."

Rebecca stays quiet, watching Richard take a sip from his drink, "No Crawler we've ever caught has given up their friends, so I have reason to doubt you've ever met them," He says dryly before putting his drink down to his side and adopting a slightly more serious tone, "Anyway, I must tell you that you cannot leave Lincoln"

Rebecca flares up a little and with an agitated tone says, "What do you mean I can't leave? I'm innocent of whatever this feud or turf war bullshit you have going on here!"

"Calm down," he says calmly, "You can't leave because it would be near suicide to do so, not to mention you've still got to atone for almost killing Krieger in that alley," he reminds her as a grin appears on his face.

"Your guys attacked ME!" she stammers while perching herself up in the chair.

"That's not how Krieger or anyone else who was there saw it," he picks up his drink and takes another sip, "There's no point arguing it, I say when people can and cannot leave, now I'm telling you can either accept that or make it more difficult for yourself."

Rebecca sighs in defeat and slumps back down into the chair.

"Good. Now, as it happens I am in need of an aid to assist me with some jobs that I do on a day-to-day basis and I think you could be the one to help me with that!" he exclaims in a cheerful and over-zealous tone while smiling, "Whadd'ya say?"

Rebecca grunts and crosses her arms before reluctantly responding, "Fine. What do you want me to do?"

"For now? Nothing!" He states as he stands up and walks around the table, suggesting for Rebecca to do the same, "You can go and get comfortable in the room straight across the hall from here. We converted most of the offices on the second and third floors to living quarters for most of the administrative personal within the settlement," he states dryly as he opens the door for her, "It's a lot safer here then in one of the hundreds of housing units outside, less chance of getting robbed as well."

Rebecca makes her way out of the office and turns around to face Richard, "Why are you treating me like this?" She asks in a somewhat accusing tone.

Richard ponders on the question for a brief moment, "If I'm being honest, I just have this feeling that you're going to be extremely useful in helping out around here," he responds with a smile, "We'll chat again soon," before closing the door. Rebecca stands facing it stunted for a moment before turning back around and proceeding to the room across the hall.

As she entered the room she realized that, while similar to Richards office, it was of less quality. There was no window, save for two small skylights and the walls and floors were not maintained to nearly as high a quality as the rest of the building and part of the room was being used to store crates of equipment. However, the double-bed in the center of the room looked to be one of the most comfortable places that Rebecca would sleep in for a long time and a wooden table had sets of fresh clothes including her old clothes and equipment with the exception of her holster, weapons and backpack. Wanting to change out of her current attire she quickly redressed herself in her original clothes, not particularly liking the somewhat limited selection of skirts and buttoned shirts and blouses that she had been given.

== Year 1, Month 1, Day 13 ==

It was extremely early in the morning and the morning sun's glow had only barely had time to illuminate the very edge of the horizon in a purplish hue. Rebecca had spent the entire night lying awake, unable to sleep. The past few days had left her exhausted yet every night she often struggled to sleep or get rest. Having realized that lying in bed and trying to get some sleep was futile at this point, Rebecca got up, eyeing the dimly candle lit room she was staying in. Over the past few days she had time to add a bit of decoration, such as a proper wardrobe for her clothes, a table and some chairs along with a rug, but nothing ever felt quite right. Perhaps it was her prolonged exposure to simply trying to survive and get by and her inability to obtain such luxuries previously.

Almost without any warning Rebecca heard a crashing sound of ceramic or glass smashing outside her room. She snapped her head upwards, staring at the door for a brief moment before she began creeping quietly towards the door. Pressing her ear against the door she listened out for a moment for any noise only to hear absolutely nothing. With her curiosity crawling at her mind, she decided to venture out into the hall to figure out what the noise was. As she slowly opened the door she immediately noticed the rays of light emitting from the gap underneath Richard's office door and beyond it she could hear muffled talking between two people. Briefly looking down both ends of the hall she quietly snuck across and planted her ear on the door to get an idea of whatever was going on.

"What do you mean they're dead? How are they all dead?"

"I'm sorry Richard but like I said they fou-"

"Don't tell me that your guys found them while on patrol. I already fucking know that. I want to know why they were fucking out there in the first place"

"I don't know why they were out there but I'll find out why Vincent took them in the first place, he would have a reasona-"

"Abigail. I do not give a flying FUCK what Vincent has to say. They were your responsibility and I swear to Christ you are on your last straw! Do not test me!"

"Richard you can't keep pushing people around like this! You are not some go-"

There was a loud crack created from skin on skin contact.

"I fucking warned you Abigail."

The sound of something being slammed against a hard surface could be heard over and over again and after realizing what was happening, Rebecca backed away from the door in mild shock, right into someone who had snuck up behind her. Whoever it was grabbed her right arm as she spun around to face them.

"What the fuck are ye' doing?" Clint asked as Rebecca tried to pull her arm away from him to no avail.

"I couldn't sleep, needed some air," she muttered in unconvincingly.

"Oh is that so? Didn't realize that gettin' some air meant invadin' people's privacy?" He growled as he pulled her towards Richard's door, shoving it open and flinging her inside, the momentum of which caused her to trip over her own legs and fall to the ground. As she looked up Richard was standing over another female that was lying on the floor a few meters from Rebecca. She was scrawny and had long and messy blonde hair all over the place. However, judging from the blood smears on the bookcase edge and the bloody face, it was safe to say she had been knocked out cold.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CLINT!" Richard roared as he turned to face both Rebecca and Clint.

"I fuckin' caught 'er listening in to you outside, thought you'd like to know," He said in a very relaxed manner as Richard looked down at Rebecca, his face beginning to turn pink, "With respect sir, I told you this bitch couldn't be trusted."

Richard stormed over to Rebecca grabbing her by the arm and hauling her upwards before dragging her over to his desk, "So you're a spy aye?" He asked rhetorically while he stormed around and opened a draw, "Working with those fucking Crawlers?"

"N-No I-I just heard a crashing sound and came to figu-"
She stuttered as Richard cut her off.

"I frankly don't give two fucks why you were listening in to my conversation," He mutters furiously, pulling a snub-nose revolver out from the draw and slamming it on the table, "But if you're such a curious little creature then you better be prepared to deal with the consequences!" He'd slide the revolver over to Rebecca, who starred at it blankly, "Pick the gun up and shoot that fucking bitch on the floor," he ordered, pointing at Abigail who was still unconscious and bleeding. Rebecca gingerly picked up the gun as Clint chuckled quietly behind her.

Turning around she'd stare at Abigail for a moment before turning back towards Richard, "W-Why a-"

"I am giving you 10 seconds to kill that woman or I'm going to let Clint over there gut you like a god damn fucking pig," He says, grinding his teeth back and forth, "10.....9.....8......7....."

Not hesitating any longer, Rebecca turns back around and aims the gun straight at Abigail's head before pulling the trigger. There was a loud crack as the back of Abigail's head exploded, spraying bits of bone, brain and blood all over the floor and bookshelf. There was a moment of silence in the room as the smell of gunpowder lingered in the air, Rebecca maintained control of the gun, keeping it dead on Abigail's body her arms surprisingly calm.

"Good. Give me the gun," he ordered, reaching out to take the gun from her. Rebecca was stuck frozen looking at the body but snapped out of it after a moment, looking down at the gun for a brief second before handing it over to Richard, whom responds in a calm but serious tone, "Thank you. Now go back to your room, stay in there and do not come out even if you think the world is imploding. Understand?"

Rebecca nodded quietly before backing up and heading for the door, brushing past Clint who had the widest smile on his face.

"Clint, get rid of the body then send a cleaning team up to mop the mess up, has to be clean by morn-" Rebecca didn't hear the rest as she had already left the room and had quickly closed her own door. While it had not been the first time she had killed another person, it was oddly not as traumatizing as she had expected. Perhaps the years of being exposed to death and suffering had desensitized her, but at the same time it felt wrong. Either way, she justified what she had done by assuring herself that it was either Abigail or herself.

== Year 1, Month 1, Day 13 ==

A few hours had passed and Rebecca had been quietly sitting in her room across the hall. She felt estranged, as if she wasn't herself. She felt like she should have been scared or sickened by what she did, but she didn't at the same time. The sun had fully risen and left the horizon and the light had filled her room to the point where the candles were no longer necessary. What was she even doing here? She should have left and gotten out of this god forsaken city and its authoritarian nut-jobs they call leaders. But as she continued to think to herself, a loud rhythmic knock rattled on her door. As she looked up and without any hesitation, Richard opened the door and popped his head in. He looked far more presentable and clean then a few hours ago and had a small smile on his face.

He beckoned her forward with a single finger saying, "You're still here. Good. Come into my office please."

Rebecca pushed herself off the side of her bed and walked hastily into Richard's office. Richard was already by his bar. Pulling out two frosted glasses while looking at his selection of alcohol, turning to face Rebecca after a moment and asking, "Would you like anything to drink?"

Rebecca paused for a moment, staring at where Abigail's body was the night before. Everything was almost perfectly cleaned, albeit the carpet was scrubbed and cleaned ferociously to the point where the colors were bleached a little. Her attention would snap back to Richard, asking, "Anything strong?"

Richard smiles before looking at his selection, "I have...Brandy, Whiskey...even some Vodka, what's your pick?"

"Brandy," she responds quietly, sitting down in one of the chairs opposite the office desk. Richard pours a small amount of Brandy into both of the glasses before placing the bottle back down and strutting over to his desk, sitting down in his chair. He would theatrically, as was his whole style up to this point, slide the glass over to Rebecca slowly, a straight and serious look descending upon him.

"I've recently had to remove one of my lieutenants from her position after a sequence of mistakes, misconduct and insubordination," Richard states slowly, careful as to how he explained it, "She was in charge of a somewhat special project and I need someone to take her role and provide oversight for it and after what you did last night I think you would be well suited for the role"

Rebecca was a little frazzled by the proposal, "What exactly is the job you're offering me?" she'd ask in a hushed and confused voice.

Richard takes a long sip from his drink, "You'll be in charge of a group of some of our soldiers and will need to do some...hmmm..." He ponders on his thoughts for a moment, "Let's just say you'll need to ensure that people aren't breaking the rules outside the walls." He pauses again taking a quick sip before putting his finger up as if to stop Rebecca from saying anything, "Now...before you do that, I need you to do one other thing. Go downstairs, find Clint and head over to Station 15, should be straight East from the Capitol building, next to the old RFK stadium overlooking the remains of the Whitney Young Memorial Bridge." He drills on, pausing for a moment, "Once you're there Clint will fill you in on the rest. After that, come back here and we'll have another chat. Understand?"

Rebecca nods reluctantly and stands up to which Richard replies with, "Good."

Rebecca would stand, making her way out of the office.

Leaving the building, she immediately spotted Clint who was standing by a modified Humvee. It had no machine gun mounted on the roof like the other ones she had seen and had blue racing stripes painted along the hull. As she sloshed through the muddy compound Clint would grin lightly before picking up an M16 from the hood of the Humvee and jumping in,

"C'mon Missy, we got shit to do" He would say as Rebecca slugged her way around the back of the car before opening the passenger door and hauling herself inside. The fabric on the chair was filthy and extremely dated and the inside smelt of old cigarettes. As she slammed the door shut Clint threw the car into reverse with haste as it threw up some mud, spraying the wall behind it in a new coat of mud and several individuals whom were nearby got a little splattered. However, before anyone could throw a fit he threw it back into drive before heading off out of the compound. As the duo left the main compound of what was the de facto government of D.C. Rebecca got her first REAL taste of what it was outside of the much nicer government quarter. The densely packed suburbs or the 'Breakers' as they liked to call it was on the border of poverty. Many of the buildings were decaying from years of neglect and those living in them were had slums sprawling out onto most of the branching streets.

The majority of the population looked mostly healthy and somewhat happy, with kids playing in alleys and adults convening outside their homes, but it was clear as they continued down the long avenue that this wasn't the case the further they got from the capitol building. Eventually they reached a part of the community where the buildings were in ruin, with slums taking up most of the housing in the area. The people, while still looking to be moderately healthy, were clearly living a slightly less comfortable life.

Clint had noticed Rebecca's staring and would grin, but remains quiet as they continued driving. Eventually they would stop at a towering metal gate that resembled something of a medieval castle gate. After a guard briefly questioned Clint as to the purpose of their trip, the metal gate would swing open and they would drive through into the now empty streets.
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"It's weird being back here. I honestly didn't expect to find myself back here."
The Coalition of Pittsford and Fairpoint
"Eh. I don't know much. But I ain't trusting of huge government towns..."
- Rebecca's past with City Governments has left her distrusting of them.
The 'Crows'
"They're a weird lot. Dunno really what to think of them. Nomadic from what I hear..."
- Rebecca knows a little bit about the Crows.
- Brighton is a complete mystery to Rebecca.
Chelsea Barnes ✞
"You deserved better. They payed for it in the end. I wish you were still here..."
Chelsea was Rebecca's best friend following the outbreak of the apocalypse
- Chelsea died near the end of What We Become: Part 1
- As far as Rebecca knows, she was killed by fanatical religious zealots.
- She avenged her. They all died.
"You saved my ass on that boat. Hope you're still alive and kicking...wherever you ended up..."
Amy was a survivor in What We Become: Part 1
- She saved Rebecca from a gunshot wound while escaping.
- Was last heard from heading to the West Coast of the US.
Avery Decker
"Seen you around Monroe a little bit...not sure who you are though..."
Rebecca knows little to nothing about Avery.
Brianna Tate
"Quiet girl. Keeps to herself. Respect."
She met her at the bar in Monroe.
- She knows very little of her besides that she is quiet and keeps mostly to herself.
- She is staying at Haven's Point with her for the time being.
Cooper Briscoe
"You're a major league prick. Best stay off my 'shitlist' or we're going to have a problem."
Cooper has been a pain in the ass for Rebecca.
- She punched him in the nose after he got on her nerves.
- Is on the edge of her shitlist
- Would likely prefer not to enter the shitlist.
- Not a fun place to be.
"Don't know a lot about you. Just that you live in Monroe."
She knows little to nothing about Constantine.
Crystal Chen
"Works behind the bar at Monroe. Social butterfly. Whatever."
She met her at the bar....
- She knows very little of her.
Don Jones
"It's...weird...seeing you again...It's been a while..."
Don is an old friend of Rebecca.
- They met during What We Become: Part 1
- He was presumed dead after staying behind when the boat departed.
- Rebecca feels weird seeing him again.
- Like really weird...
- Super Weird...
Darner Foxglove
"A good source of work I suppose...after that last one I ain't sure if I want to still do this kind of work though..."
Darner contracted Rebecca for a job.
- She knows very little of him.
Erick Gonzales
"Seen you around a lot, don't know you well though."
She's seen him enough to remember him.
- She knows very little of him.
Jack Summers
"Naive Kid. Thinks the worst thing to happen to anyone is get killed. You best hope you never have to experience true horror."
Rebecca knows little about Jack besides he is a naive kid with little experience in survival.
- Said that having a shotgun pointed at him gave him PTSD. Rebecca died a little on the inside when he said this.
- Rebecca is still alive on the inside?
- What?
Lincoln O'Connor
"Hope you are enjoying your time here. You're decent company. I won't lie."
Lincoln lives with Rebecca in Haven's Point. He is a resident.
- They have no special relationship beyond living in the same settlement.
Lorelei Cross
"Bitch. Glad your friend got his fucking head caved in by those CPF fucks!"
Rebecca doesn't like Lorelei alot. Nor does she.
- Collected a bounty on a killer who was her friend. She clearly keeps good company.
"Rest In Peace. I heard what happend."
She knows a little about Lynch but not much.
Nikolai Loginoff
"Can't speak the best english...but you're trying I suppose...."
She knows little about Nikolai
- He can't speak fluent English but he is learning
"I know I can trust you. Wouldn't call you a friend...our relationship so far has been purely professional..."
Rook has worked alongside Rebecca on a few high-risk jobs after she arrived in Monroe.
- There relationship is...professional...and nothing more...
- She wished that would change...
Ryuji Zekou
"Strange guy. I think he has roots to the Samurai or something...not sure..."
Rebecca knows little to nothing about Ryuji.
- He looks like he seeks to somehow restore his honor.
- Perhaps he is looking for some great prophet?
Terry Winters
"You seem all right, don't know alot about you though."
She's cordial with Terry. Still not trustful like many others however.
Texas Battle
"Very. Southern."
She's cordial with Texas. Not sure what to think about him.
- Prankster
"Weird feller. Obviously CPF from his whole...jist...Don't know if I can trust him..."
Rebecca knows a little about Paw. Not a whole lot to trust him with however.
- Attacked her in the school one night. Was not nice.
- Lives near her. She's not fond of the idea.
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Expanded Story Pt.2
The Pines
The following story takes place a week after her departure from Monroe and the surrounding area as she heads further north.
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