Raymond Clarke



Raymond Clarke

As a Ranger for the Coalition of Pittsford and Fairpoint, Ray is deeply committed to the cause. A loyal member of their forces, he has an unwavering resolve to bring some semblance of justice to the wasteland and feels no hesitation to pursue that goal through violent means. To those within The Coalition, his reputation likely precedes him as an expert marksman and a talented investigator.


Ray is an eccentric man. He is very single-minded, stubborn, and sensitive to perceived slights against him. He is a difficult man to get along with and struggles to connect with people intimately. A lifelong bachelor with few close connections, he feels his loneliness deeply. However, he buries it under his work, which he doggedly pursues and attributes the utmost importance to. Ray struggles to see anything besides the job at hand as important, and finds anything that he's not currently working on to be utterly inconsequential. He is odd and idiosyncratic, with a strange and unhealthy attachment to his gun. Many people who first meet him think he's crazy, however those who stick around or catch him at the right moment are quick to notice his talents. Deeply analytic, intelligent, and perceptive, Raymond's intellect is arguably genius. He certainly has an exceptionally impressive ability to make connections, notice patterns, and perceive small details. Despite his seeming inability to feel apart of humanity, he has a stunning ability to understand the motivations and desires of others.​