Noah Rose


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Noah Rose
Biographical Information
BirthplaceBordeaux, France
D.O.B.March 5, 1982
OccupationHistory Professor
Physical Information
Hair ColourLight Brown
Eye ColourBlue
Personal Information
First Appearence Season 1-Episode: 1
Last Appearence Season 1-Episode: ?

Noah Rose is a character and a survivor in GWR's lore 'Final Descent'


Noah is a light skin man standing at 5'10 in height and 180lbs in weight. He is of an athletic build quite fit and healthy. He has blue eyes and short light brown hair. He has a small beard or stubble in most cases. Considered very attractive and charming. He is usually dressy casual; on the day of his flight he was wearing a black button up shirt with a waterproof digital watch, gold wedding band ,Brown Leather belt, dark blue jeans and dark brown leather boots.

Noah Rose is smart, perceptive, and articulate. He is bold and confident in his work and himself. A natural leader, kind-hearted but straight forward who won't beat around the bush. Although, he can be a prideful, opportunistic and stubborn sometimes.

Noah Rose was born in Bordeaux France on March 5th, 1982. To his French mother Beth and American father Charles Rose. Noah was born an only child and quite spoiled growing up but very smart. He Excelled through middle school with great grades and played soccer. He learned French, English, and some Spanish by his 8th-grade year. He moved to new york with his parents at 15 years old and started his 9th-grade year in Manhatten new york. He made many friends fast and again excelled in school. He takes an interest in literature and history. He graduated with honors top of his class in 2000 and receives a scholarship to NYU. He does some modeling for cash for local magazines and clothing companies.
In 2012 he earned a Ph.D. in History. He finds a job teaching history in high school for 3 years, then lands a job at his former university NYU as a history professor where he teaches presently. He marries his long-time girlfriend who he met while modeling together. In 2015 his daughter "Evangaline" is born. In 2017 he does a TED talk on "Greek mythology and it's importance." and later that year he appears on the History channel's television shows "Big History" and "The World Wars". In 2018, his son "Andy" is born. He was to give a lecture at the "King's College University" in London, then fly to the "Univesity of Paris" in France for another lecture in 2019.

***Two weeks after the crash, Noah is found on a raft with three other survivors by a passing cargo ship and is treated onboard then taken to a hospital in Portugal. He was admitted and treated, shortly thereafter his family was notified as well as the press. His family was flown out to Portugal to visit him. Once again he was reunited with his family. Before he left Portugal he gave an interview with a local news outlet on his experience and recovery. He traveled back to New York with his family and began writing a book on his experiences; from the day he left the airport, the crash, surviving on the island, the natives, and his escape. He resides in new york with his family and has retired from teaching for the time being enjoying his time with his family. In a recent interview, he stated he has enough money from the book sales and the lawsuit to live comfortably and never have to work again, although he does want to return to teaching history and giving lectures back at NYU eventually.

Last Known Photo Before Crash

Three Months After The Crash

Noah Rose pondering the events that transpired
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