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"Maternity Leave"



Running her fingertips along the rucksack stashes of golden CPF coins, the brown-haired Hong Konger looked upon her car trunk with a quietly pleased grin. She had left town with an impressive bounty of currency - and supplies - to keep her and her loyal boys going for a while. Indeed, a mini mountain of canned goods, jarred produce and long-life snacks ranged the trunk. Instant ramen, anyone? She gently sighed, reaching upwards and slamming the trunk shut. It was hardly stealing if her boys had procured most of the goods in the first place. Besides, they had left the town with a pantry much fuller than it had been when she stepped into power. If anything, they owed her this for the stress they had caused her. A comfortable retirement fund was the very least she deserved, right?

Muzzled quietly within some dark forest a couple hundred miles from Monroe and The Barrens, Crystal Chen awaited the return of her accomplices... for lack of a better word. The four men had left her to scout ahead, which she was fine with. Time alone was sacred. She took in a long, deep breath. It was nice to have a moment in solus from the others - being cooped up in the truck with men for hours on end wasn’t much fun, even if she did like them personally. Sometimes, a woman just needs time to collect her thoughts.

Where they would go from here Crystal was unsure. Return "home", maybe? She nibbled on her lip. That might not be the wisest of ideas. Pittsford? After all, they didn’t have it out for her anymore. No, don’t be stupid, Crystal. She was hardly desperate. Life on the road would have to suffice for now.

Enough worrying. Around her, a soft yellow nightlight of fireflies felt strangely soothing to her soul. Her nerves were calmer. A far cry from the tribulations of ministership, she thought, looking out across the treeline. Was she really alone? Her two hands crept up her skinny-jeaned thighs, sliding along the periphery of her soft little belly. Crystal couldn’t help but smile. Actually, she knew that she was not alone. In fact, for the coming months she would never be alone.

The loot behind her was not a retirement fund: it was a maternity fund. Crystal Chen was to be a mother.