(Kayleigh Victoria Delamere)
Biographical Information
D.O.B.September 21, 1997 (32 years old)
Personal Information
HobbiesFixing and reverse-engineering small electronics - reading/collecting books
Personality traitsLevel-headed - quiet - observant - organized - single-minded - stubborn
Current Situation
AffiliationMonroe Citizen
OccupationResident electrician and procurer of metals/tools


Background info:
Before Day Z:

- Kayleigh was a loner. A child of fortune and inheritor of an important name, she was pampered and kept strictly within the confines of high society, little more than an accessory to her parents. She may as well have been an only child too, as they did their best to conceal the existence of her older, disabled brother. But she adored him.

- High school offered a brief solace for Kayleigh - her first true friendships were started here and, to the chagrin of her parents, they could no longer keep her from mingling with whom she chose, rather than whom they had pre-approved.

- At 17, Kayleigh was in the middle of fighting her parents over which college she would go to - her best friend's or the prestigious one they had chosen - when the Red Eye plague hit.

After Day Z:

- Kayleighs' parents' survival plan was clear. Kayleigh was dragged to the secluded summer estate of one of the family's close friends. Here they holed up and waited for the whole thing to blow over. But of course, it never did.

- Over the course of many months, Kayleigh watched as desperate people were turned and even chased away from the estate as they pleaded to be let into safety. Men, women and children, more desperate and destitute as time went on. Kayleigh's fathers words to her were forever etched in her mind: "It's either them or us."

- Their safe haven didn't last. A horde made short work of the estate, and in a few hours everyone but Kayleigh had succumbed.

- Kayleigh fled upstate to the only other home she knew of, the assisted living home of her brother. To her surprise, not only was it still standing, it was fairly well guarded and supplied as well. She joined her brother and was quickly welcomed into the community that had built around the place.

- Here, she was inspired by a new outlook on life. The survival of her brother was solely due to the dedication of the workers who had decided to stay behind. From her brother's personal caretaker she learned that it's the responsibility of those able to look after those less able - and that you never know when those roles may be reversed.

- Kayleigh learned this lesson on her own when the community happened on times that were leaner and less secure. After a bad horde attack the community was left barely standing, and had no choice but to enlist the help of the nearby gang-like community. They promised to keep them safe, for a price. Kayleighs community shared in their harvest and trades, in exchange for the gang keeping hordes and bandits at bay. But when times returned to normal, the gang remained - and now, rather than a mutually beneficial relationship, Kayleighs community found themselves paying off the gang for their continued safety instead. Once little more than another mouth to feed, Kayleigh now had to take a more active role to help keep the threats of the gang at bay.

- It wasn't enough. Kayleigh and other young adults were enlisted to help the gang with their own 'businessses' - be it keep hordes or bandits off their own grounds, or more shady, unmentionable things. In order to survive, Kayleigh was trained in the art of self-defense by a grizzled old veteran with whom she developed a begrudging kinship.

- During one of her 'missions', things went sour and Kayleigh was caught in the blast of an explosion. Her face was half-burnt and a shrapnel tore open her throat, an inch from ending her life altogether. But her voice was forever lost.

- Some time after, as resources dwindled once again, it was decided in the community that something had to be done about this situation. Four scouts were sent out in each their own direction to find continued funds - with the additional mission to try and locate an alternative place for all of them to move to, if such a thing was possible. Kayleigh volunteered to be the fifth.

- Under the guise of having abandoned the community, the five of them left in the middle of the night. Leaving her brother was the hardest thing Kayleigh ever had to do, but she knew she would only be able to help him as long as she stayed alive.

- Kayleigh travelled for many months, northward. Her destination: New York.


( ) = Don't know your name yet

A helpful soul, and the first person I met in Monroe. You're part of an interesting community that I'd like to learn more about.

I hope you'll entertain us with your riddles again. You seem like a person who, even when times are tough, enjoys life - every community needs more of those.
I'm sorry to see the injuries you sustained. What a mess that whole thing was. I wonder what your people will think of what happened.

Crystal Chen
Shrewd, professional, caring. You've promised me your voice among the heads of Monroe, and I'm very grateful. I foresee us building great things together.

Texas Battle
Welcoming when I first arrived. You seem like a well-meaning kid. But boy, you're not the sharpest spoon in the knife-drawer.
Sorry to see you get hurt like that, kid. Still, I wonder if you realize that you're bringing other people in danger with your mindless behavior.
This time was even worse. Didn't wish this upon you.

Laura Harper
A kind soul who I believe wishes to make Monroe the best it can be for everyone, what with you both running the forge and working at the inn . I'm afraid you're a little too trusting for your own good, though. True friendships aren't just declared - they're earned. You should make others do more to earn yours.
I'm glad you've taken my words to heart. I think you'll do fine. I'm glad that the mine is of help to you - let's make some good things for Monroe.

Constantine Hasapis
You've invited me into Monroe and, despite not knowing much about me, was positive about my initiatives, took a chance on me and let me present my ideas in front of the heads of Monroe. It's provided me with everything that I have right now - I am forever grateful.
The planning and communication skills of you and those you put in charge of your missions leaves much to be desired, and the people you bring along suffer for it.

Henry Patton
A level-headed man, experienced, good at what he does. I'm glad to be able to run by you and Laura at the forge whenever I have needs that surpass my own skills. I see the two of us build wonderful things for Monroe together - I just hope you'll remember to look after yourself, also.
Nevermind what we've planned. You take what time you need to recover. Everything else can wait.

Liliana Marat
Not only is the food you serve free, it's of such a high standard I still have to pinch myself when served one of your honeybuns, to believe it's really true. A cheerful and spirited individual, and I suspect an enterprising one as well - I hope all your endeavours are met with luck.

I very much want to ask you what your affliction is, but that would be both tactless and insensitive. Suffice it to say that you seem like a competent person, and I respect you carrying on as you do, despite your obvious challenges.
Sadly, unsurprisingly, I gather you've faced some serious discrimination in the past. It would make a lesser man bitter, but not you - rather, your concern for others seem to have been strengthened by it. I appreciate your kindness - my respect for you increases the more I get to know you.

Lincoln O'Connor
An interesting character with interesting hand-tattoos. We worked out a mutually benificial deal, and I hope to make more of the same kind with you in the future - as well as make use of your considerable carpentry skills.
Haven't see you in a while now. Wonder where you went.

Nikolai Loginoff
We met under dire circumstances after I was attacked by a red-eyed dog. You took me seriously despite my challenges with communication. I don't know you very well beyond that, but I hope I will in time.
I'm not sure if it was foolishness or bravery that made you stick with me for that long in the cave. I'm glad you eventually decided to run to the others. But kudos for sticking by in that situation for as long as you did, and glad you didn't get hurt.

Few people know ASL. It's good to know that there are still people around who do. You helped me communicate clearly when I briefly lost the ability. I hope to see you around Monroe and get to know you and your sister better.

Emma Reid
Your house may be the tidiest suburban style thing I've seen outside of movies since the red-eye began. It's almost surreal. Still, as your neighbor I look forward getting to know you better. I feel doubly fortunate to know yet another soul that knows ASL.

Jack "Don" Jones
You're a curious character. I don't know much about you yet, but perhaps I will in time. There's a gruff bitterness about you - likely you've faced some hardships in this world of ours. Haven't we all.

Calm and levelheaded in a tense situation. It's rare to see, and I can respect that. It's clear you've had some kind of military training. Even so, some of your decisions are questionable.
What the hell was that?

Though the whole thing was a mess, I feel partially responsible for the injuries you sustained. I hope you recover quickly.
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Thank you - I wish so as well, am definitely going to miss her. At least I might get to interact with Don on other OCs, he's a great character too :)