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James Hunter


James Hunter
Biographical Information
BirthplaceNew Harmony, Indiana
D.O.B.March 1, 1978
OccupationPrivate Detective
Physical Information
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlue
First Appearence CANCELLED
Last Appearence CANCELLED

James Hunter is a character and a survivor in GWR's lore 'Lines we cross'


James Hunter
is 6'0 in height and weighs 190lbs. He has an athletic build and is fit and healthy. He has brown hair with a small stubble. Thick eyebrows and ocean blue eyes.
James wears button-up shirts without ties usually, a dark color coat, dark-colored slacks with black or brown belt, and dark brown boots. He also sports a classic Rolex watch and a gold wedding band.


James Hunter
is a methodical, intelligent, observant and determined person. James's goals include solving cases, and feeling like he's making a positive impact on his community. James will bend some rules if it means it could potentially save lives. He will try to do the morally correct thing in most cases often looking out for the weak and young. He is often seen as reserved and emotionless and sometimes paranoid.


James Hunter was born on 03/1/1978 in New Harmony, Indiana. To mother Quinn Adams and father Dane Hunter. He has an older sister named Ella and a younger brother named Alex. He grew up in a middle-class family. James' father was a car salesman and his mother was a nurse. He lived a relatively normal life, he excelled in school and played sports.

December 1st, 1991 Ella took her younger brothers James and Alex to the park while her parents were at work. While James and Alex were playing on the playground their sister was kidnapped by an older man in a black van. By the time James and Alex realized what happen the van was driving off. James was only able to remember four numbers from the license plate. They ran to a nearby house and called the police. James' parents left work early to search with police to no avail. Over the next two day's James and Alex looked for their sister nonstop. Riding their bikes all around the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods when by a chance of luck James rode by a rundown house with a black van under a blue tarp was lifted slightly enough from the wind that he could remember the license plate. He knew she was in there, James told his brother to ride to a neighbors house and call the police to this address. James snuck into the backyard and could hear muffled voices coming from a back bedroom. He slowly crept around and noticed through the back window the older white man asleep on the living room couch. He snuck into the house and opened the door with the muffled voices and sure enough, his sister was tied to a bed frame. He got the rope off her and managed to get her to the front of the property when the cops arrived promptly. The man was arrested for the kidnapping of Ella Hunter. Shortly after the Two boys were praised by the town and the mayor for finding their sister.
He went through middle school normally after that but developed a little paranoia after the incident. He graduated top of his class in high school and joins the police academy shortly after.

1999 James Hunter began his career as a police officer in New Harmony, Indiana. (21) James also starts community college

2005 James Hunter becomes the rank of Sgt. (27) He also receives his bachelor of criminal justice

2008 James Hunter leaves the police force to start his own Private Detective agency. (30)

James Hunter starts his detective agency in Chicago Illinois.
He picks up cases from stolen property, cheating spouses and missing person cases. His brother Alex joins the "Hunter detective agency" with James.

James and Alex begin to complete multiple cases gaining a reputation in the Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky area as very successful detectives. (31)

James gets married to Isabella Garcia an attorney in the Chicago area. 4/04/09 (32)

James and Isabella have a daughter named Ella after his sister. 06/05/11 (34)

The "Hunter Detective Agency" has picked up six more detectives and continues to grow as an agency due to the many missing people reports being filled. 06/10/12 (34)

James sends his wife and daughter along with his parents, his sister and her husband and son along with his brother and his girlfriend to his vacation home in Kodak, Alaska due to the rising missing person reports and violence in Chicago. 02/28/13 (34)

The “Hunter Detective Agency” is temporary closed. James sends his remaining detectives home to be with their families. 03/01/13 (35)

James goes on one final case in the Kentucky area of Muldraugh about a missing individual from a extremely wealthy family before he flies to Kodak, Alaska to meet with his family. 03/04/13 (35)

“Walter Canton (77) is a wealthy and notable third generation Race Horse owner and owner of the Canton Racetrack and other business ventures. Barbra Canton his current wife recently contacted me on the disappearance of her husband Walter. I was offered a large sum of money by the Canton estate to find Walter or confirm his death during this chaotic time. It is believed that many people did not like him because of his alleged mistreatment of his race horses and woman. He also ran for mayor a couple years back but lost in a close race to the current mayor of Muldraugh. I’m not sure if he was kidnapped, had a heart attack or maybe someone in his family had him killed to take his estate or something. Dead or alive I need to get paid and get back to my family in Alaska.”
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