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Haytham Hadid


- Special thanks to Lil Bit for creating the portrait <3
Haytham Hadid
Physical DescriptionTall(181cm), overweight with a muscular body, sun kissed skin. Broad shoulders and long arms. Brown eyes, shaved head/bald with a small goatee. Basically Saeed Jarrah in Lost with a shaved head.
Biographical Information
D.O.B.May 29, 1994
OccupationUsed to be a masters student, majoring in software engineering.
Place Of BirthAn Arabian country in the middle east.
Brief Summary Haytham lived most of his life in Saudi Arabia, a country in the Arabian Peninsula. A bright minded person that was unlucky to be born in a kingdom with a totalitarian regime. Corruption and nepotism stopped him many times from following the paths he chose to take in life. So he decided to immigrate to the land of the free instead. As soon as he graduated from his bachelors he immediately applied for a scholarship in Texas Tech University and managed to get it. He struggled to adjust to this new life of his, coming from a Muslim background with a conservative culture but he eventually did, after finding out that he had a lot in common with those he met in this new adventure. But alas, all good things came to an end when it happened. He's afraid of what his peers might think of him after knowing for sure that the plague's source is his own country.
Personal Information
LikesSoftware and game development, videogames, cheesecakes, trekking and reading about various topics.
HatesUnnecessary chatter, cowardice and ignorance.
PersonalitySomewhat introverted, pragmatic, honest, careful planner, benevolent
Personal Relationships
Kan Hyong-San My roommate. Can be a bigot and a racist sometimes but so am I. He's a good buddy that I can entrust my life to. We're in this together after all.
Jake Howard Acted like an ass to this guy at first. He's really cool and helpful though. I haven't apologized yet but I hope he understands.