Father Gabriel Barton


First AppearanceA Brave New World
Last AppearanceN/A


He is a reserved man who shows his age that stands in at five-foot-eleven inches and weighs in at one-hundred and fifty-one pounds. Father Barton is built averagely but tows on being lean from years of work and travel through the mountainous regions of New York state. His appearance often betrays his origins, being clean and approachable comparatively to most wanderers. He has long graying black hair which is usually done up in a tightly packed bun or braided and groomed beard. While his face is kindly, it shows tell-tale signs of both aging and weathering from the conditions. He can often be seen dressing smartly depending on his conditions, ranging from practical to clerical apparel for his services. He appreciates dressing in an inviting manner, and will do so as much as possible but is not above utilizing furs and handmade clothing to fight off the rigorous elements. He possesses a golden bracelet that he is never seen without.

Anything is possible until your heart stops beating. This is what Father Gabriel Barton has survived on for the past twelve-or-so years while battling his own moral convictions with what society as a whole has become. He has adapted himself to the climate of the new world by steeling his nerves and accepting the reality of the situation while refusing to sacrifice his moral conventions of staying kind and open to the people he cares most about. Gabriel himself is a calculating, intelligent, and reserved man who rarely lets on what he actually feels for the sake of his companions. While he will offer help to anyone, and believes in second chances, he will not hesitate to act as the judging arm and eliminate potential threats to protect his people.

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