Don Jones


Don Jones
AgeLate 40s to Early 50s
Known AliasesJack Cain
First Appearance"Years Gone By"
Last AppearanceN/A

Appearance & Personality
Standing at six-foot even, Don is approachable and doesn’t swing too far from your standard rural local yokel or working man. He is built strong, like a bull, with defined muscles, a wide frame, his face is well-worn with creases beginning to form beneath his dirty blond hair and thick beard, a chunk of his left ear is missing and several faint scars litter his face. He is commonly seen in practical clothing and nothing too much else.

He doesn’t give much away on the surface, he’s stoic, emotionally unavailable, and mercilessly practical. The best way to penetrate his psyche is through his relationships with others; his behaviors toward those closest to him can often betray his underlying emotions, which he would prefer not to speak about.

Character History
He was responsible for the safe return of Elijah Hunt to Monroe after the bombings. Since then, he has come and gone from the community in an attempt to maintain his relationship with Julianne Lynch, prior to her unfortunate death, while under contract with Darner Foxglove as a mercenary and aid. Little is known about Don Jones within the community past his frequent contributions of information and fresh game. He was later exiled by Monroe's third minister; Constantine Hasapis under suspicion regarding his past and true identity.

Forum Stories
Part I - The Shrike
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(These relationships are not accurate, and will not reflect Don's opinion on them in full. They are to give an idea, and nothing else.)
2015-2016, Valley Station, KY
Miles Krueger
"You're my brother."
"Spent the better part of a year wonderin' why I did the things I did for you. Never could figure it out, I reckon I'd do 'em again, too."
"Always wondered how I ended up your right-hand man, I never even wanted the position. All I cared about was survivin'. Here I am, again, fallin' for the same shit."
"Reckon you're off huskin' coconuts, nowadays. I wonder if you ever ended up gettin' married? Hell, I'd bet you have kids, now."

Thomas Parrish
"Better off with him."
"I hope you stayed with them."
"You're in your mid-twenties, by now. Probably got yourself a woman or man, maybe a few kids. Keep convincing myself of that, anyhow."

John MacMillan
"I remember what you said to me. Make sure it wasn't for nothin', I made sure."

Victoria Dahlia
"Tried to save you, I reckon that was my first mistake. The only thing you wanted to save was your lineage."

Ivy Lance
"I still have that note."
"I weren't much of a writer when we met. I don't know why you made me change that. You didn't deserve what you got."

Clarence Emerson
"I tried my best to protect 'em."

Charlotte Emerson
"I ain't ever been much for religion, but I hope you and your father are together."

Samantha Thompson
"I wake up most nights thinkin' about you, I keep wondering if I did something different if you'd be here."
"Funny, the things you start to remember when you see somethin' as innocuous as a Hawaiian shirt."
"Thought I saw you, I reckon I'm hallucinating. Happens, when you get old. My old man always told me the first thing that goes is your mind."
"Ended up in an old mine. What was that you used to play? CaveCraft?"

Margaret Thompson (née Cooper)
"Most of us would've passed each other by on the streets and never thought a thing, back before. Ended up as close as we did - family."
"I should've done better by you and Samantha - both."
"I had a dream about both of you. Together, I ain't got no grasp on what may or may not come after. But I hope for your sakes, you're together."

Heaven Parker (née Adkins)
"I had a dream, a few nights ago. About you, or maybe I was rememberin' something, most of it blends together - we were out on a walk, and you were tellin' me names for you and Anderson's kid. I saw that life in your eye and how excited you were. Somethin' I didn't want to wake up from."
"Met someone today, a kid - Elijah. He reminds me a lot of you, I ain't real sure why. Might be how I found 'em, out and about, runnin' away from home. All them damn nights you kept me up threatening to leave or to kill yourself, I never thought I'd miss 'em. But I do, I'd give anything to hear you screamin' in my ear about running away again."
"I tried to do right by you, I hope you know that, wherever you are."
"Found your other half. The world keeps getting smaller and smaller."

Anderson Parker
"You made it on that boat, I hope you and the others are survivin'. Though, I don't reckon you've got much to live for anymore, not after Heaven. Wish I could've done better by the both of you, I ain't ever gonna view you as a son - but I cared about you nonetheless."
"Figured I'd forget about you, I ain't been able. Not you, Heaven, or Sam, no amount of liquor's given me that. Hell, I reckon I think about all of y'all more, wishin' things were different."
"I ain't able to escape this feeling that you did yourself in after you made it to that island. Kept trying to convince myself you'd move on from Heaven, but you loved her. Don't work that way."
"I thought I saw you; another ghost."
"I wasn't wrong - we found each other again. Twelve years, and you're still livin' and breathin'."
"Two sides of the same coin; the end is comin' and so's a new beginning."

Isaac Castillo
"You never did come back."

Arthur Hillock
"Somethin' wasn't ever right about you; showed up at that mall and ended up leaving with a look in your eye, one I ain't ever forgotten. When we found you again, it was still there. All you cared about was burnin' them."

Theo Garcia
"You and ... Api, I remember you both. Quiet but not all there."
"I don't know what happened to you, went missin' little before or after we got forced out."

Octavia Bennet
"Didn't want to do what I did to you, I didn't have no other choice. I reckon I'd do it again, too."
"I keep seein' you out of the corner of my eye; each time, it's the same look you gave me before I shot you."
"You sealed what happened to you the minute you left with soldier-boy. Ain't a single one of you should've come back, but you did, both of you pushed your goddamn luck and got what you had coming for it. Should've thought of that kid in your belly beforehand."
"Keep having dreams about you, every goddamn night. Same moment, the same ending, I'm lookin' you down the sights of my gun and I pull the trigger; except it ain't you when I fire; always ends up being Samantha or Heaven. This your way of gettin' back at me? Tryin' to convince me I did wrong? Fuck you, and fuck your kid."
"You want me to burn in hell? I'm already halfway there."
"You deserved every goddamn bit of what you got, I don't want redemption for you, or anybody else. When I'm dead, I'm gone. All that matters."
"I ain't ever going to be able to change what I did."

Talal Shams
"We didn't want to kill you, I sure as hell didn't. But you were a risk - one we couldn't take."
"You should've made an actual goddamn effort to clear your name. We didn't have no choice."
"Can't get your head out of my mind, what we did to you. I don't even know if you deserved it, maybe you did, maybe you didn't. I know you weren't lying to us, though. Just couldn't take the risk. It wasn't personal."
" ... Can't escape your past."

Bethany Hartman
"You weren't the first I pulled the trigger on, and you weren't the last. Somethin' in you broke, I reckon, I know you had what you had coming. I don't regret what I did."
"Had a dream about you; we were in that field again, surrounded by a thousand prying faces. I saw you and your eyes; broken, I didn't hesitate to put you down, even if somethin' in me was telling me not to do it. Maybe you didn't deserve it, I don't rightly know."

Erin Voy
"I could've saved you, I didn't. I remember that much, I don't even remember what Miles wanted to kill you for - just that I believed him."

Violet Valentine
"He shouldn't have let you come on that goddamn run."
"I saw a meadow of violets growin'. Made me remember when I found you down in that parking garage, I wish it hadn't--I wish I was able to remember one good thing about you before that. But I can't."

Alexa Jade
"Shot you dead on the side of the road. I promised to let you go, as long as you gave up your partner. Don't much care to remember anything besides that - both of you had it coming."

The Russian (Kazimir)
"I never got your name. The first Russian I ever met, I remember you and ... someone else, were killin' each other. I found you ready to shoot yourself and ended up puttin' you down with Isaac. Burnt you on the side of the road. First time I ever had the displeasure of smellin' smoldering bodies."

Dave Quinn
"Nothin' I did to you that night made me feel any bit better."
"You won, I know that much. Dead or alive, head or no head, I still hear your ass laughing at me."

Rebecca Sayton
"I didn't so much as remember you until we ended up runnin' into each other again. Brought a few bits and pieces of it back; looked after Chelsea. I remember her mentionin' your name a few times. Drug you to the mall herself after you damn near got flattened by a car."
"You ain't changed much. Show up and vanish for a few damn weeks at a time. Just don't die."

Chelsea Barnes
"I remember you being awfully damn sharp for your age; had a few legs up on most of the men and women at the mall. Never did figure out how you were gettin' past our damn fence. Slippery little brat."
"Found out how you died a few weeks after - I ain't ever going to tell Rebecca."

Julianne Lynch
"I loved you - more 'n you'll ever understand."
"Thought about when we first met; I still remember that goddamn scowl you were giving me the whole time across the table. I reckon you figured me and Miles poisoned your food, I ain't real sure how went from that to chattin' each other up at the bar."
"I hated you for a while. I was so goddamn angry you left me the way you did - when I needed you the most. I haven't figured out if I still do, in truth. I keep thinkin' about you, though. Maybe."
"Twelve years later and I see you in town. I felt it again - anger, I thought about rushin' up to you and saying all number of horrible things. But I didn't, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I reckon you figure I'm dead. Best to leave it that way."
"I'm pushin' my luck, I keep wanting to say something to you."
"Ended up not having to say a word - you recognized me. I was hopin' you wouldn't, but you did ... and I didn't say a goddamn word. Nothin' useful, anyway. Don't reckon much changed with us, I never was worth a damn when it came to people I cared about."
"Thought about leavin' and running away, I reckon I would've if I had a horse. Talkin' with you brought a whole slew of bad memories back - Charlotte was here, too, I heard. I ain't real sure what to make of any of it, but you let on that you wanted somethin'. Friendship, maybe. I don't know, you always knew what to say and you always played me for a fool."
"You're still you, I know that much. I can see it in your eyes; full of fire. Might be part of why I loved you."
"Seeing you again, it made me start dreamin' about those old days; back at the mall; with all of them. Better times."
"I had to leave, I ain't the same man you knew back at the mall; settling down here ain't no kind of option. You moved on, I didn't, I see how damn happy you are with Avery. Live for yourself, you ain't ever going to do it as long as I'm there."
"A few months away; I thought about coming back. I thought about how you and Avery were gettin' along. Now I know - you're dead - by one of Monroe's hands. Thought I was doin' right by you. Fooled myself in thinkin' this hole in the wall was any different."
"I ain't ever claimed to be worth a damn and neither did you. We're gonna see each other one way or another again real soon, I'm just hoping what I did was enough for you to forgive me the way I forgave you."

Cherry Knight
"Don't much remember you; an old fling? Just remember you screamin' around and about on the docks."

2020-2025, The Deadlands
"Shouldn't have left you how I did. Reckon you'd kill me if I showed back up now."

The Man in Red
"My old man told me once; revenge isn't much different from obsession. I was nothin' but obsessed with you. Followed you from Kentucky to Salt Lake. The only thing I had to remind me there was a world outside of my head was them distant plumes of smoke from your campsites. Made me realize; in a way, I was you. Even dead, I know you're still there. In me, in my goddamn head laughing at me. Got what you wanted."

2028-2029, Monroe County, NY
Elijah Hunt
"Reminded me of someone."
Avery Dekker
"I saw what she saw in you."
Marian Castle
"I reckon I would've done the same in your shoes."
Jack Summers
"Good kid."
Jeremy Sykes
"Ain't really sure what happened to you."
"Went missin', caused me a hell of a lot of problems."
Jamie Fisher
"Up 'n went missing."
Constantine Hasapis
"Ain't sure what you think you know."
"Ain't ever been black 'n white. Figured you knew that."
Crystal Chen
"I've dealt with your type before."
Erick Gonzalez
"Don't make the same mistakes I did."
Texas Battle
"I ain't really figured out how you managed to survive all of this. Must be smarter 'n what he lets on."
Anastasia Hope
"I heard what you did."
Max Rutherford
Corey Jackson
"More muscle 'n brain."
Alyssa Burke
"Wouldn't of minded spendin' more time with you. Got a real habit of pickin' women who vanish."
Max Stone
"A real patriot type; willin' to die for his cause. Ain't much else to 'em."
Henry Patton
"Been in your shoes."
Emma Reid
"I reckon it was going to happen one way or another."
"World ain't black 'n white."
"I like to think if our roles were reversed I would've done somethin' differently. Truth is, I wouldn't of."
"A damn fool."
"You weren't supposed to stand next to the goddamn dynamite."
Liliana Marat
"Halfway decent company; keeps to herself. I prefer it that way."
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