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What is Gateway Roleplay?

Gateway Roleplay is a roleplay community for the game Project Zomboid, currently under development by The Indie Stone.
Gateway Roleplay, originally New Dawn Roleplay, was formed in 2014 making it one of, if not the longest-running Project Zomboid roleplay community to date.
We focus on providing a hardcore, realistic roleplay environment for our players to make playing the game a more exhilarating experience than ever before!
Our typical lore structure consists of seasons and episodes, like a TV show. Think of each season as an arc in the story.
Each episode starts with an event and typically lasts a week or two. Each season typically lasts 8-12 episodes, including a premier and a finale.
Our events are typically high risk/high reward scenarios, offering a great amount of development for your character.

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Last Updated: June 15, 2023