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Is it just me? Or does the beginning of the Black Mirror episode "White Bear" seem more and more realistic?
A noobie vet from New Dawn. Came around towards the end of the Mall lore. Played some fun characters like John Fitzgerald, Penelope Roosevelt, and Alvin Bhakto. If you're an ND vet too with pleasant or unpleasant memories, message me up.
Good to see you back Yarn!
Welcome back to the fold, old friend. I remembered some of the good old days and looked up the server a few days ago. I've been in and out since that shitty non-whitelisted RP server. What was it? Red Dawn I think. I had the opportunity to play Phillip Hartman, Rua ... something?, and Ashcroft Kingsbury. If I remember correctly didn't John Fitzgerald and Phillip Hartman run in the same crew? Pretty sure we committed some murders together.