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Zachary Mandle


Zachary Mandle
Biographical Information
ActorHot Sexy Motorcycle Jacket Man
Personal Information
LikesGirls, Working Out, Chik-Fila

"Deadass bro."


>Attended Mick's SICK party.
>Won Beer Pong by default due to opponents forfeiting.
>The FIRST brave survivor to descend down the elevator shaft ladder.
>Went spelunking in the vents and fell to his death.

RIP Zachary Mandle... His last words were: "Fucking ******ed as fuck." as he moodily clambered into the vents. He crawled through towards what he thought was an exit and fell through an unstable part of the vent system and falling straight into rebar. It punctured his lungs causing a hemothorax and he drowned in his own blood. He was unable to call for help, gurgling blood as he was swarmed by carrion rats.
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