World Factions

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Apr 18, 2019
The Coalition of Pittsford and Fairpoint (C.P.F. or “The Coalition”)
"There is an idea of The Coalition, an idea of hope, an idea of happiness, an idea of diversity among adversity. This, however, has remained an idea since its founding, an advert for a community that claims to have morals but that mask of sanity is about to slip at any given moment and most of Monroe County knows it. New America, as some have aptly chosen to refer to it as is a combustible element and an ever-growing one at that. But, some choose to see it as something else, a melting pot for culture, a breeding ground for corruption, expansion, and hope for law and order. The Coalition is self-sufficient compared to most communities and alliances, being able to produce enough food to safely feed each of its residents and many more, but lack in the area of weapons, a weakness its new leaders are seeking to fix. They are known for one other thing, however, an excellent military force disguised as “Lawkeepers” and “Rangers” tasked with upholding the rules of law in the Wasteland through any means necessary."

"An isolated economic hotspot that primarily operates through the basis of “orders”, it is led by three unknown individuals. Brighton is strict on who it allows within its walls and even stricter on who it decides to operate with. Most residents are cherry-picked, bringing in a variety of talented individuals with a number of different skills. The amount of concrete information on Brighton’s infrastructure is disturbingly low, with most of it being in the form of rumor and hearsay; some claim they’ve figured out how to produce ammo and have gotten foundries running again. Nobody can say for sure."

The Crows
"Over the past six-or-so years, caravaneers have started to spin tales of their time on the road and encounter with a mysterious group of nomads only known as “The Crows”, whispers of this group have spread through Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and now New York. Rumors have varied, with some believing them to be wandering cannibals, and some seeing them in a more romanticized light; a truly “free” people who have ditched societal norms to live something closer to where humanity originally came from."


"An unknown community that has unwisely decided to lay claim to a stretch of land known as “The Barrens” between The Coalition, Brighton, and several other factions. Previously, the land was known as a neutral “mid-ground” to each faction but is now becoming hotly contested for the claim. Monroe's laws, though some may deem them lax, reflects the community and its leader, Julian Carmichael Ortiz. There's heavy emphasis on protection and safety, though things like speech and religion remain unrestricted so long as they do not endanger the group. Visitors and outsiders are treated fairly, though they're kept under watchful eye."
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