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William Redeagle


William Redeagle
Biographical Information
Eye ColorBrown
Weight170 lbs
Blood TypeB Negative
EthnicityNative American
Personal Information
HometownChinle, Navajo Nation, Arizona
NationalityAmerican, Navajo Nation
ReligionAgnostic, NAC
OccupationSecurity Guard
Date of BirthSeptember 8th, 1985

Other Information
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
Languages SpokenEnglish (Native), Navajo (Basic)
Story Information
Current StatusAlive
Infected Killed0
Non-Infected Killed0
First AppearanceRunning For Another Place, Chapter 1
Last AppearanceN/A

A man with many scars, but an unbroken spirit, William recently left the army and found a job at a local security firm. This was not to be, as the the global Cortovirus left him with a choice, flee or die. William made his choice. Soon, he will face a bigger one. Will he head to an unconfirmed rumor of a safe zone around Fort Knox, or die trying?