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Travis Jones


Travis Jones
Biographical Information
D.O.B.May 19, 1975
Blood TypeO+
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlue/Grey
Personal Information
HatesConfrontation of any kind
Relationship StatusUnsuccessful
AlignmentLawful Neutral

People have said that if personality was represented by colour, then Travis would be a deep, rich beige. There are depths to his normalcy that many thought it impossible to reach. He's quiet, and avoids confrontation like other people avoid malaria, in fact he avoids any unnecessary contact with other people as much as possible. Introverted, happy in his own company and pathologically placid. To Travis, the idea of a world ending event was a terrifying prospect, and a reassuring one. Not that he wanted to die, he was far too cowardly for that line of thinking, but something that took away all his responsibilities and allowed him to live in genuine solitude; that was a dream.

Character Motivations
All Travis wants to do is live his life. He tried romance once, but it didn't turn out all that well. Apparently you need to have something interesting about yourself to keep someone interested. He never sought the head chef role at his job, perfectly content with his position above dish washer, and below anything that had real responsibilities beyond cooking to the recipes provided.

Physical Appearance
Travis stands at 5'9" (although he will say 5'10" if pressed). Brown, short cut hair (something he hasn't forgiven his boss for, it used to be shoulder length until he was asked to cut it for work. Not that he would ever argue with his superiors). Blue/Grey Iris, set in tired eyes. He weighs 160lbs soaking wet, no real definition to any parts of his body. Its much to Travis' chagrin that many people say they recognise him, because he knows that it's not that he has actually met them, he just 'has one of those faces'.

The most interesting thing to happen in Travis' life was the one time he had a boyfriend; something he was very proud of at the time because he had no idea how it happened. The second most interesting thing to happen in Travis' life was when his boyfriend left him. The stated reason was that 'they didn't have enough in common' which was almost certainly code for 'you're so boring'.

As a child, Travis grew up to loving parents as an only child. He was shouted at when he was naughty, and he was praised when he was good. At school he never really excelled at anything, simply getting passing grades before getting a job in a kitchen at the age of 21 after he finished education. In the cafe he was satisfactory. He never turned up late, without good cause, and has never called in sick unless actually ill. He's been the same position for 17 years, passing up a number of opportunities to be promoted to head of the kitchen. He just didn't want the pressure.

Nowadays he spends his free time building and painting model boats, planes and other such things he can buy off the internet. He lives alone, in a small maisonette, surrounded by previous models. A few ships along the mantelpiece, a couple planes on top of his cupboards. Any news reaches him slowly, as his tends to not watch the television, preferring some relaxing music in the background of his life.