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Traveling Merchant


Traveling Merchant!

Rumor has it that an eastern European man has been driving around hawking goods!

Rumors, Maybe true, Maybe not:
The man drives a red pickup.

The man actually drives a small, blue, two seater car!

He has an abundance of lumber, food, alcohol, and blades

He's looking for medicine, bullets, and nails

He hunts in the wild when he's not scavanging or trading- Folks have said they just saw him wandering the woods with a rifle.

He's a really good cook! Food's great when he's in the kitchen

He slaughtered a horde up north, near the country club- With a knife!

He's set off siren's near the crossroads group! He was seen there when the sirens were going off, wasn't he?

He shot and killed a man for dipping his hand into his truck without paying!

He leaves food and goods around people randomly- Just, dumps it off and drives off!

He lost a hand to a biter- Chopped it off before it could get him sick!​