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    We are still deep in the development stage of our next lore and need more time to make it as great as we possibly can for you all. We also don't want to cut short a lore that's been running for nearly a year and a half for the few players that have stuck it out with us.

    We're expecting to be finished with What We Become Part II: What Remains sometime in March, but that's not a hard date. It may be earlier, it may be later. So, stay tuned for the announcement on our next lore! If you join our Discord, you'll be notified as soon as our announcement drops.

    We're also looking for new admins! If you're interested in joining the team, don't hesitate to send in an application here. All new admins will be added to the team once our current lore has concluded.

    Thanks for your understanding!!

The Warning of a Dragonfly


I write this for myself, fearing I am loosing my mind. ~ Dragonfly

It started a few weeks ago if I recall correctly, not long before the new year of twenty-nine.
I encountered something I can barely bare to talk about or dwell on for fear of it creeping in my mind.
The mist over took my perception of reality, causing me to worry if I'm sane.

I see horrors, things I know to not exist yet they still breath.
I hear the sound of a horrid chittering of a thousand creatures.
No I can not ever forget the beast that plagues my mind, it's faint pressure ever looming.
I've encountered it twice... yet I feel I feel like I've known it for so long.
I fear the woods yet... I still feel the alluring pull?
You must think me mad, to desire to go back out there if only to encounter the beast and understand why it exists.
How did it come to be?
There are things in this world that should not exist yet they do.
I'm sure you've heard tale of the Bogey man, Wendigos, Skinwalkers, and other such beasts of legend.
I did not take stock of these things till recently, now revering them with cautious respect as they are incredibly dangerous.
I'd recommend you do the same before you are caught in it's trap like I.


Heed the warning of the Dragonfly caught in the spiders web.