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Terry Winters


Theresa "Terry" Winters
Biographical Information
Age29 (August 9th)
OccupationMinister of Monroe
Personal Information
LikesReading, being useful, being with friends
Dislikes Fighting of any kind, talking about herself, guns
Personality traitsSelf-concious - Hesitant - Soft-spoken - Nurturing - Pacifist - Determined



(Wiki-page with full rp-history can be found by clicking here)

Theresa "Terry" Winters grew up in a suburban household. She had a few, close friends. A divorced father whom she loved, but hardly ever saw. And an overbearing mother with a string of boyfriends.

When the red-eye hit, and her close family was lost, she was taken in by her aunt at her farm. They were night and day, as different as could be - Terry with her quiet, introverted and hesitant nature. Aunt Jo with song, laughter and a love for loud motorbikes. Yet they were soon close-knit, and Jo was the best parental figure Terry would ever have.

Sadly, Jo suffered from a rare, degenerative disease that would claim her life. When Jo left this world, Terry left the farm and became a drifter.

Things happened.

And Terry eventually drifted her way to Monroe.


Aa'tiami (OOC known as Runty)
Terry considers Aa'tiami untrustworthy.
Kaari is keeping you under control...for now.

Alfred Tennyson
Terry considers Alfred a close friend.
You're someone I can always count on, Alfred. No matter what.

Avery Dekker
Terry considers Avery an ex-friend.
I really hope I never see you again.

Barbie Doll, aka Rhea
Terry considers Barbie Doll untrustworthy.
I trusted you after all, and you screwed me over.

Corey Jackson ✞
Terry considered Corey a close friend.
You deserved better. So much better.

The Crowmother
Terry considers The Crowmother an ally.
You're still very mysterious to me. But I think our goals are aligned.

Crystal Chen
Terry considers Crystal a threat.
Your baby must be due soon.

Elijah Hunt
Terry considers Elijah a lost cause.
If you ever return, I will do what I have to do.

Terry considers E'rami an ally.
I hope I'm doing the right thing in trusting you.

Gerald Bechet
Terry considers Gerald a close friend.
You've lost your faith in me. I can't really blame you. But I'm not giving up yet.

Jack Summers ✞
Terry considered Jack a friend.
I wish I could have done more for you.

Jinichi Tateru
Terry considers Jinichi a good acquaintance.
You're always opening up your home to us without expecting anything in return. I appreciate it more than you know. Thank you.

John MacMillan
Terry considers John a mystery.
Who are you? How are you even possible?

Terry considers Kaari a close friend.
You might be the world's last hope. Might be my last hope, too.

Liliana Marat
Terry considers Liliana a friend.
I really hope that plan works out...

Marcus Baczek
Terry considers Marcus more than a friend.
You make me want a future.

Max Rutherford
Terry considers Max a close friend.
You can be reckless, but...I believe in you too, Max. You're one of the strongest people I've ever met, and I know you'll do everything in your power to see this through, with or without me.

Nika Nachtnebel
Terry considers Nika a good acquaintance.
You've been a great help to Monroe. I hope you're okay.

Nye Warner
Terry considers Nye a good acquaintance.
One of the things that keeps me going is knowing that arm is waiting for me, as soon as I can carry it.

Preston Hand
Terry considers Preston a good acquaintance.
I worry about you. But I understand.

The Prophet, aka Eva
Terry considers The Prophet untrustworthy.
Turned out you had no idea what you were dealing with. I'm a damn fool.

Recorder ✞
Terry considered Recorder a friend.
I lead you to your death. Oh god...

Terry considers Tanner a good acquaintance.
I couldn't ask for a better secretary. I hope the work is helping you, too.

Texas Battle
Terry considers Texas a close friend.
I wish I could have spared you all this, somehow. But I'm so grateful you're here.

The Man in Red
Terry considers The Man in Red an enemy.
All that matters now is stopping you.

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Updated with background story, relationships and song! That took a while, huh? :D


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Terry after Pittsford:


Terry after Pittsford, HeroForge:

Original HeroForge:

Original Terry concept art:


Terry in snow:

Art by others:


by Jade
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Relationships and Bio ("seen") update. I've marked the updates to the relationships in yellow. :)


So thats why she was holding her right arm all the time...

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Yeah, ain't that some serious foreshadowing? Seems she was fated to lose it even way before she was bitten!

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