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Terry B. Winters


Theresa "Terry" B. Winters
Biographical Information
Age29 (August 9th)
OccupationMinister of Monroe
Personal Information
LikesReading, being useful, being with friends
Dislikes Fighting of any kind, talking about herself, guns
Personality traitsSelf-concious - Hesitant - Soft-spoken - Nurturing - Pacifist - Determined



(Wiki-page with full rp-history can be found by clicking here)

Theresa "Terry" Winters grew up in a suburban household. She had a few, close friends. A divorced father whom she loved, but hardly ever saw. And an overbearing mother with a string of boyfriends.

When the red-eye hit, and her close family was lost, she was taken in by her aunt at her farm. They were night and day, as different as could be - Terry with her quiet, introverted and hesitant nature. Aunt Jo with song, laughter and a love for loud motorbikes. Yet they were soon close-knit, and Jo was the best parental figure Terry would ever have.

Sadly, Jo suffered from a rare, degenerative disease that would claim her life. When Jo left this world, Terry left the farm and became a drifter.

Things happened.

And Terry eventually drifted her way to Monroe.


Aa'tiami (OOC known as Runty)
Terry considers Aa'tiami an ally, tentatively.
You saved Missy's life and you're helping keeping Monroe safe. I'm still not fond of your kind...but I won't judge you by their actions anymore, only your own.

Alfred Tennyson
Terry considers Alfred family.
You're someone I can always count on, Alfred. No matter what.

Avery Dekker
Terry considers Avery an ex-friend.
I really hope I never see you again.

Barbie Doll, aka Rhea
Terry considers Barbie Doll untrustworthy.
I'm curious if we'll meet again. I'd be happy enough if we didn't. But I'll be prepared if we do.

Corey Jackson ✞
Terry considered Corey a close friend.
You deserved better. So much better.

The Crowmother
Terry considers The Crowmother an ally.
You might be the only one who can teach me what I need to know. I hope so. I really, really hope so.

Crystal Chen
Terry considers Crystal a threat.
You're still gone. Stay that way.

Terry considers Dozer an ally.
You helped us in the nightmare. I hope you're still alive and well out there somewhere. I hope we'll meet again.

Elijah Hunt
Terry considers Elijah a lost cause.
If you ever return, I will do what I have to do.

Terry considers E'rami an ally.
You taught me more about myself and my powers. I can't say you don't still frighten me, but I'll do all I can to continue our peaceful co-existence.

Francis King
Terry considers Francis untrustworthy.
You're very quick to remind me of your own contributions, while those of me and my people seem forgotten in an instant.

Gerald Bechet
Terry considers Gerald family.
I knew you had put your faith in me, but I never before knew the depth of it. I won't allow my virus to change you. The world needs Gerald Bechet.

Jack Summers ✞
Terry considered Jack a friend.
I wish I could have done more for you.

Jinichi Tateru
Terry considers Jinichi an ally.
Your willingness to house us and our refugees, as well as your readiness to give us added security, whether it's a single group or a whole people...I'm eternally grateful. We stand so much stronger knowing you're close by.

John MacMillan ✞
Terry considered John an ally
I don't think we would have made it without you. I badly wish you could've come with us.

Terry considers Kaari family.
Few are as strong as you and I together. And that's definitely mostly because of you. There's no question I can only succeed with your help. Only you can help me become what I need to be....and help me accept it.

Liliana Marat
Terry considers Liliana a friend.
It was really good seeing you again. I'm a lot stronger than I was, and it's very much thanks to you. I hope I can still make amends for my narrowmindedness.

Marcus Baczek
Terry considers Marcus her soulmate.
Getting married to you made the most sense of anything I've ever done. I love you so much, there's no words. Whenever I'm in doubt, the promise of a life with you is what makes me keep going.

Max Rutherford
Terry considers Max pretty awful.
Either you're an incredibly toxic person, and I just never realized the extend of it until now. Or Colin has a stronger hold on you than we thought....or both.

Melissa 'Missy' Nelson
Terry considers Missy an ally.
Helping you helped me as well. It made me realize my powers can be used to do good, and that's extremely valuable to me. I'll keep an eye on you, make sure you're still improving.

Nika Nachtnebel
Terry considers Nika an ally.
I'm really hoping the scouting mission goes well. A lot is relying on it. But you've always shown yourself to be competent, and Alfred trusts you completely. If anyone can make it, it's you.

Nye Warner
Terry considers Nye a good acquaintance.
Our last conversation left me confused. I still don't know the extend you're wanting to help Monroe. But I can understand either way.

Preston Hand
Terry considers Preston a good acquaintance.
I hope you're doing okay.

The Prophet, aka Eva
Terry considers The Prophet untrustworthy.
Turned out you had no idea what you were dealing with. I'm a damn fool.

Rachel Bevis
Terry considers Rachel a good acquaintance.
You're one of the people from Fort Harris that's the easiest to talk with. Your concerns are serious, but they're not unreasonable. I know you weren't doing very well, and now you're injured from the attack...I hope I can help you in some way.

Recorder ✞
Terry considered Recorder a friend.
I lead you to your death. Oh god...

Terry considers Tanner a good acquaintance.
I'm worried about you. Worried that we're losing you.

Texas Battle
Terry considers Texas family.
Please be careful on the scouting mission. I know the initial reason Gerald sent you...it wasn't right. But I have faith in you, and in the whole group. Just...please be careful.

The Man in Red
Terry considers The Man in Red an enemy.
How did it feel to be powerless?

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Terry after Pittsford:


Terry after Pittsford, HeroForge:

Original HeroForge:

Original Terry concept art:


Terry in snow:

Art by others:


by Jade
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So thats why she was holding her right arm all the time...

PS: Terry for Minister! Vote for her.
Yeah, ain't that some serious foreshadowing? Seems she was fated to lose it even way before she was bitten!

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