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Takeshi Tong's Journal: Cannibal Kidnapping


Chapter 1: Awake
I awake facedown in dark brown shag carpet. I slowly sit up and lean against my couch hungover from the night before. I look around my trailer still dazed to see where my cigarette burned out on the carpet with spilled whiskey bottle nearby. The room was cold I look down, and see the missing finger on my left hand and think back to that day.

Chapter 2: Cannibal Kidnapping
It was a cold morning day outside, a cigarette lit in my mouth, fishing rod in one hand, tacklebox in the other with my small dirty backpack I use for caught fish. Time passed and no luck in my usual spot so I move up the river. I begin to catch some fish as daylight is starting to break and old man and his woman walk up behind me. I advise them to leave me alone. "Far to hungry to do that" the old man said. I reach in in my coat pocket for my fishing knife with my right hand holding the fishing rod with my left. I told the couple once more to walk away. Leaves crunch beneath their feet; The woman puts her hand on my shoulder. In a swift motion I drop the rod and break the woman's arm then twisting to the right to stab the man with the knife hitting thin air. "He's gone" I said as I survey the woods for the man but can see nothing and hear only the whining from the woman who lays on the floor with a broken arm. I strain my eyes to see through the dense tree when I'm hit with an arrow in the thigh. I stumble to my knee from the pain. Unable to see where the arrow came from I look around swiftly when another comes from the dense woods I roll to the right dodging the arrow narrowly causing much pain in my thigh. I look again to the woods and regain my footing to stand up when a bottle shatters against my ear knocking me near unconscious. I lay on the dirt to see the woman with the broken arm holding a now broken bottle in one hand standing over me and an old man with a bow and arrow. The world fades to black.

Chapter 3: Tong on the menu
I woke up in a dark room some light shining in from the uneven boards. A makeshift shack I recall. a color around my neck chained to the wall. The smell was horrid and the floor was moist. The old man from the river and a fat bald man unlock the door and walk in to greet me. Flicking on a poorly wired lightbulb in the room to expose me to the horrors that took place in the room. Blood and bones lay around the room. Something out of a nightmare. They said nothing but beat me that day. After the beating they tossed an apple to my feet making a small splash from some blood. My third day perhaps the worst day but also my best. The woman with the broken arm and the fat man entered the room. The man began to prep my thigh and treat my arrow wound. Working around my blood and wound the man begin to fidget. What started out as treating my wound ended with him cutting a piece of my thigh and finger off then ingesting it in secret to the woman standing by the opened door. I bellowed in pain causing the woman to see the man hiding the meat for himself. Violence between the two begin. My opportunity as the man left his scalpel on the nearby table. I reached for the scalpel with my bloody hand as the man began to choke out the woman. The woman passed out and falls to the ground the man turns around to resume eating my flesh when I slice his jugular with the scalpel. Within minutes he bleeds out and dies on top of the woman. I escape from my chains and left the room battered. I limp down the hallway looking for the exit. I admit I was scared shitless, but had to remain calm lest I would panic and possibly die. Slowly opening a door revealing the outside world I was free from the cannibals. The old man sits around a campfire asleep in his chair. The exit to my right and revenge to my left. I creep up behind the man to slit his throat with the scalpel. He tilts his head up and says to me "You can always smell fresh blood coming did you kill my son and daughter-in-law." I said to him "Your son killed his wife, and I killed him and now you die." He says back to me and looks over his shoulder "Shame, I've never had Chinese before." I immediately stab the man in the temple with the scalpel and push his body onto the campfire. I stumble to the wooden fence pushing open the gate to leave when I see a small girl about 14 years of age holding a small boy by the hand from the entrance of the building I escaped. Sadness grips my heart as I look to the children. I stare at them and they stare back for a moment. The boy waves to me then I regain my senses and leave the camp briskly. I run through the woods for hours eventually ending up at the south wall if monroe. I make my way to my trailer and into my bathroom. Disinfecting my thigh and finger I begin to bandage the exposed areas. Shortly after I begin to feel extremely exhausted. I grab a cigarette and lighter from my kitchen counter lighting my cigarette immediately I stumble into my living room and onto the floor. The world fades to black once again. I awake what feels like days later to a dry mouth and hungry belly. I grab some stale crackers and bottled water from my coffee table. Eating and drinking I can slowly feel energy return to my body.

Chapter 4: Alive
A few days have past now, my strength has returned to me. Still resting around my trailer maintaining my thigh and finger. I look out my window and see Monroe walls in the distance. "It's time to leave" I said to myself.