Survivor Stories: Season 1 - "The Quarantine" (Credits)


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Apr 18, 2019
Over the course of one night, only two confirmed out of twenty-seven students and staff would survive the massacre at Bellarmine University and come to see the sunrise over the city again.

Was it worth what lies ahead?

Francis King
"Survived against all odds."
Jim Jackson
"Survived against all odds."
Richard Mandle
"The last staff-member ''standing''."
Sylvester Grant
"Refused to leave his best friend behind."
Hudson Jones
"Had Sylvester's back until the end."
Bruce Miller
"Lost himself to the flood."
Aaliyah Stonecrest
"Vanished without a trace."
Larry February
"Was there, and then he wasn't."
Elenora Lawrence
"Preoccupied herself with her students."
Suzanne Irvine
"Got drunk and passed out."
Linda Thurstan
"Gave herself to the military to save her students."
Darius Jefferson
"Did what he had to do."
Alex Hathaway
"Lost more than her legs."
"Never acquired a surname."
Calvin "C.J." Jefferies
"Should've learned how to swim."
Ralph Lawrence
"Shouldn't have given the punch to his roommates."
Rose Knights
"Shouldn't have drunk the punch."
Ray Thompson
"Made an attempt to reach the end no matter the cost and paid the price."
Heather Parks
"Got distracted by her mirror."
Isaac Gonzales
"Carried the brunt of the weight."
Zachary Mandle
"Guest-starred in Stuart Little."
Haytham Hadid
"Should've stayed in the main lore."
Kan Hyong-san
"Should've learned how to climb."
Jorge Cannli
"Should've smoked more weed."
Bryce Harris
"Shouldn't have grown conscious of others."
Samantha Thompson
"Oh man."


The largest cause of death?
Safety-Code Violations.

No elevators were harmed in the making of this mini-lore.

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