• As of today (08/19/2021), we'll no longer be accepting applications for What We Become Part 2: What Remains.

    We've given it some thought and have decided that with the current state of the lore, it's in everyone's best interest if we focus on what we have currently so that we can finish the story in a timely manner. Introducing new characters into the mix would not only complicate things, but it would be difficult for new players to acclimate considering the current player base consists exclusively of long-time players.

    All currently pending applications will be processed, but the application form is closed so no new applications may be submitted.

    Applications will open again closer to the release of our Build 41 lore. Info on that will be released at some point in the future, but I can at least confirm that we're making good progress with our writing and planning.

    Thanks for your understanding!!



In the new America, there's always a new place to see!
Another person to meet!
Another dream to chase!

In the new America, there's untapped potential on what can be!
Constant creation of new ideologies, societies, and governments to replace the old!

What's one mistake?
One squandered opportunity.
It can be remade!

No, it can be made better!

But that isn't exactly true, is it?
These days, the world is only getting smaller.
Only as you near that potential do you realize how impossible it really is,
That a dream is just a dream.

In the new America there's always a place to hide,
Another name to adopt, another façade to take the former's place.
Another life to lead.

In the new America what can be cannot measure up to what once was.
Constant death of fledgling nations, idealistic ethics,
and dreams.

Where one mistake becomes two,
And the past you tried so desperately to escape,
Only grows larger.

In the new America,
there are no dreams.

Only nightmares.