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The Rats

Bloody, filthy knees drag amongst the damp, cavernous passages that made up the cave system. The flesh of her joints whittling away to become future scars and scabs. Life after the apocalypse’s beginning certainly lacked flair and the hospitality of others. Monsters arose from the ashes of the old world and carved a pathway of destruction in the wake of civilization’s fall. Friends and families torn apart by a mysterious, mutating virus that shifted everyone’s paranoia to new heights.

The Rats, made up of twelve women and two men still is a functioning sub-society that infiltrated and wove themselves into the fabric of what happens next. Like the rodents they claimed to be, they lacked a hierarchy and ruled directly on the collective opinions of the group. They’d take leaps if everyone agreed and stood still when one person opposed. Their unity and their lust for surviving ensured their position in post-apocalyptic society.

Effectively, the Rats aren’t a malicious group. Rats, as they’re proclaimed, aren’t even a group. It’s a state of mind. Being a rat avoids the initial meaning of being a whistleblower to Law Enforcement. No. Rats, with their meaning, is essentially a movement of young and abused women trying to make their way in the world. From Monroe to the Crows, CPF to Brighton, every group has a ‘Rat’. A discreet and indescribable notion that the individual is of a lesser background to others, somebody who struggles through life and is the embodiment of ‘The Grey Woman.’

A grey man/woman is the general description of a person that can hide in the shadows, strike when the iron is hot and get out undetected. It’s that one person in a crowd of people that nobody recognises, nobody envisions as a leader or a specialist but has their own little quirks.

Their whole premise is to be an unnoticed entity, a ghost in the background of a survivor group or a squadron of soldiers. The one person that’s life is shrouded by the minimalist lifestyle of mystery. Rats have all of their crosses to bare; their hidden wounds that are covered up by bandages, alcohol and other methods of easing their fatigue and pain.

Are you a rat?

Rats are small, furry pest that get into difficult, small gaps in houses - like mice. It’s not a collective or a cult - it’s a way of life. Rats feast on the scraps of what people leave behind and are often disregarded and underestimated. Eyes, Mouth and Ears are part of this group of survivors.

Maria Hernandez, Codename ‘Ears’ is one of the original members of the Rats. They got their name not because of their affection for small, furry pests. No. The name was in reference to what they once were. The fear and the struggle of being a sole survivor in a world full of predators, thieves and murderers helped cement their position in society. In their eyes, an individual can classify themselves as one of three things.

A worm, which is the lowest of the rat’s food chain. Worms are often kicked to the curb and annoyed by many.

A Rat, which is the workhorse of the group that consumes the worm.

A crow, which is the predators that feast on the rodents and worms alike.

The Rats founded themselves in a small, desolate cave in the state of New Jersey. Initially, they were slaves. Men and women of the world crushed and tore their way through the modern world as a conquest for personal heroism and greed.. The Rats were the ones that were left behind. The ones that were snatched in the middle of the night or ambushed when they weren’t expecting it. A mostly female group, they were put to work to break rocks, dig dirt and create a complex cave system for their captors.

At night, the pickaxes were put back in their original place and their abuse and torture began. They lived off of the mice, bugs and cave fungus and weren’t truly given sustaining meals. To their captors, they were like cattle - used and abused for what they had to offer. Their slavers, mostly disgusting, degenerate men; aimed to capture the young women and the weak-willed of society to bend them to their will.

Their flesh.
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