Something new.... player involvement for the world outside of the lore


Time Traveler
Hive Mind
Apr 17, 2019
So I have been thinking about ways on giving players a more hands on feel with the creation of the lore, while leaving the lore the characters see to the admin team. Think of it as adding flavor to the world.

The idea I came up with is that players, you all, could create pieces of lore that would be approved or declined by admins. This could be in a few forms but would have to follow certain guidelines.

  • The characters do not know about this part of the lore
  • These would be for things away from the characters, or not have an effect on them currently

Im sure more guidelines will be thought of but what I thought of was that things could be created like....

  • Obituary for your character posted in a newspaper local to where they came from
  • News article about the plane crash and the missing plane
  • conspiracy theory blog posts about how Uganda shot down the plane with surface to air missiles powered by fission cores and guided by an A.I.
  • Say in the lore a storm rolled through like a hurricane. I AM NOT SAYING ONE WILL... or will not... but maybe a news article about its projected path or some random weather report about it (after you see something like that in the lore), or something similar
  • Local news article about your character who is missing
  • A facebook page, twitter page, etc for your character or something along those lines

Your imagination is the limit. Well really, the admins set a limit but still. Nothing is in place for this yet BUT what will happen is that we will create a form, like the applications, where you can submit your story. If you want, like if making a news article, you can even make it look like a newspaper clipping in an image. Then you would submit it to the admins. IF its an image, you would just go to it after submitting the form and reply with the image in it unless I can find a way to upload files through the forms which may or may not be possible.

The goal of this is to give players a more complete world to look at as a player and who better to help with this than the creative minds behind all these characters in the server? Im also thinking about creating a special badge for people who submit lore pieces as well that will be shown in your profile, like the donator ones.