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Shallow graves.


The town was still as quiet as ever,even as she walked towards the kitchen,opening it's doors and taking a right down the hall.There was no need for caution-all that remained in this once lively trading hub were rats and some stray animals who found their way here,no longer scared off by the loud noises of an average person's daily life in this place.Perhaps given enough time,nature would overtake this place,just as it did in the past with the various other man made structures.Or maybe it will get a second life as a refuge for survivors-Humans were persistent after all.

The weight was not the problem while carrying it,and she got used to the smell a long time ago.Decomposing flesh was still not pleasant to smell,but she'd endure it just fine.The dirty rag she used as a blanket would hopefully prevent her fingers from being dirtied too much.It almost gave out the illusion that the infant was just sleeping.Almost made it easier to carry it so close to her.

Digging with a machete was not a pleasant task,but it did not have to be a deep hole.Wiping the sweat off of her forehead,she places it down,gently.It's face is deformed,half-eaten by rats and weirdly peaceful,yet that does not cause her any discomfort.It does not,it doesn't,*nothing does*. So the feeling in her stomach as she covers the hole in the ground with dirt must be just Nika wondering.

Wondering if a shallow grave is enough for a life snuffed out in this way.


Nika had seen her fair share of combat.
Fights,skirmishes,battles,ambushes…She knows her way around the battlefield.The mission done for Trinidad was frustrating and difficult,true…But at the end of the day the group all left…Well,she did not know how to describe Denzel’s state-But he was conscious,at least.

And while she had no actual fight experience against something that could be classified as a monster,Nika thought that the debriefing by Alfred would be preparation enough.Of course,that proved to not be the case,something she realizes just now.
She wonders how the other gates are doing,only able to hope that her decisions won't lead to everyone's deaths.She always hated making decisions like these-Nika was a much better follower than leader.They should be fine,hopefully...After all,this gate was the only one getting destroyed by this abomination of bone and muscles and flesh,along with it's pack of skittering and swift dogmen.

"F-Fuck,It's HUGE!"The kid,Eli, manages to scream out as he shoots wildly,mostly missing.She wonders how old he must be-Too young for something like this,that's for sure.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!"Another guard,beyond scared yelled,opening fire-Although a bit more accurately this time around,the creature grunting as it reacted to the gunfire.

"Stand your ground!We can bring it down!"
She manages to shout out louder than the both of them,even if she knows the odds are not on their side-panicking will not help anybody.

Nika listens to the chaos as she shoots down at the main threat,bullets making impact but leaving little more than a scratch.It's…Weird.Nika usually does not speak like that,especially during something like this.It's her and her squad's survival,first and foremost.So why does she care this much about these peop-

The monotony of just aiming and shooting causes her to not notice the monster ripping out a whole tree by it's roots and chucking it right at her watchtower.Luckily,her reaction speed is still fast.Nika jumps to her left,dropping down harshly but safely next to the gate, as the tower behind her is smashed to bits by the impact of the throw.That was close,way too close.

She gets back to the gate,targeting the dogman Wanda shot at,hoping,wishing that it will break whatever was controlling one of their own.Nika begins shooting at him when the realization that it did not work sets in.She tells one of the guards to get the rest of the guards,the one who are in reserves.She tries to do everything right,tries to keep everyone alive,even as Denzel jumps down from the gate in order to distract the giant,even as Wanda gets covered in acid.She tries even as someone shoots Denzel in the back and runs away crying.She tries,until there is an eardrum piercing sound,and she is violently thrown aside.
There is shouting,and gunshots as she scrambles for cover,Wanda's face blurry…Then,overwhelming heat overtakes her lower body,she desperately tries to put herself out as the napalm burns and-



Her injuries were severe-Even if nothing too major happened during the blast,the napalm burned her left leg almost to a crisp.She could walk,but it felt like hell when she tried,and she could not get far.

She should consider herself lucky,tough.Several of the guards died,while Denzel and Wanda…She tried to rationalize it,how they are technically still alright,even if their flesh is barely clinging to their bones,even if she failed them,now and during the mission with Trinidad-They would be alright.
She looks out of the window,anything to not look at the injured gathered inside of the Hill house.

The sky was still that horrible,sick shade of red.The mist that claimed so many lives already still wanted more,more bodies,more victims.She could only hope that Texas,Javier and the reinforcements could handle whatever still remained.Mike would also probably help,the trapped cars were still there,after all.

Wait,the explosion at the gate..Was-Did Mike set up the traps incorrectly?She saw him nearby as he was preparing,but she thought nothing of it.
Trinidad said he was trustworthy,but during the job,he threw a molotov suspiciously close to Texas,burning him in the process.When did she even begin trusting strangers?And the napalm,maybe he…


Every step she takes is pure agony,her leg screaming in pain,like she's being flayed alive and stabbed with thousands of needles all at once.Her movement is sluggish even as she tries to move as fast as she can,her eyes darting around the room,her breath stuck in her throat.She wants to scream out,inform someone to something she pieced together when it was already too late,but she can't.All she can do is limp towards the door.

Eventually she exits,struggling to stay conscious as her bandages start falling off and blood starts staining her pants.It doesn't matter.The boobytrapped cars are near the clinic,if they explode,then-

Her leg gives out underneath her,forcing her to her knees as an explosion shakes the clinic,flames and rubble shooting out and taking people's lives in an instant.She can do nothing but stare,trying to regain the strength in her leg,trying to move again,trying.

She wonders if a shallow grave of concrete and dust will be enough for the ones ones who died.