Sepp Junkers



"Kill Them All, And Let God Sort Them Out"
-Arnaud Almaric, 1209

Sepp showed up at Monroe not long after its founding 2 years ago, Wounded and weary from a lifetime of conflict. Too Injured to carry on foward, Sepp has laid down roots, and as the prophet said, Turned his swords into plowshares, Taking up the mantle of his ancestors.

Since arriving in Monroe, he was once a quiet, hermetic man, Who none the less remains a valued member of the township for helping keep the foodstores filled, and his expertise with animals and livestock.

Those Days Are Over.

The Hope's and Dream's of a Man's hope for a better world are gone. Blasted apart like Ashes to the wind. Desperation has begun to take root. Old Ideals, Old Oaths and Old Ways must be brought back, In order for Monroe to stand amongst the squabbling fiefdoms that sit in the corpse of the great United States. Plotters laying in the dark, Assasination Attempts, Coups and Desertions, None of these will stop the Heir of The Ghost. Monroe will be turned to the path of war, Even if it means his own death.

The War must be Renewed, Reignited and Reinvigorated.
It was a lie, To think he could rest easily, For was the Ghost not right?

That the War Never Ended?

A Nightmare has been sown in the Heart of Monroe, and god help those who reap the fruit.
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You Were Right. I was a Fool to think peace was possible so long as the cancer lives. The War must be renewed if we are to have a chance. So long as the Infection survives, We will always be its prey. I will finish what you started.

Blunt. Rusty. Damaged. The Tools have been left to decay and the symptoms are everywhere, And yet, There is Purity in the metal. We can salvage this. Reforge it. Refurbish and Repair. Drastic Measures may be needed to not only slow the rot, but also reverse it.

A Fat Maggot squirming in the rotton carcass that was once America. They waste resources on keeping the people down, on futile wars that lead nowhere and on shows of force to save prestige at home, Instead of on the great enemy that lurks in the shadows and across our land. It is a cancer that must be destroyed for the betterment of all, and all means will have to be used to accomplish this.

An Eye, for an Eye. The Suffering will be repaid a Thousand Fold upon you.
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