Running For Another Place...


Running For Another Place
A Lines We Cross Tale

After the collapse of civilization, one man must make a cross country journey to find safety.

(1. Phoenix



(1. Phoenix

This is a looped emergency message.

It was a warm day in the Arizona Desert. Not to far off the norm of its late winter temperatures, but it was enough to warm the pavement. The Interstate was mostly deserted, at least if you compared to the usual traffic this section of freeway usually gets.

All citizens of Phoenix are to evacuate the city immediately. Residents are advised against using their personal vehicles to do so. Evacuation sites are being set up around the city….

A Lone Vehicle came over the horizon. A Blue 1992 Chevalier Premani, covered in Arizona dust, barreling down the freeway. In the driver seat was a man in his mid 20s, with bronze skin and medium length brown hair, wearing a jacket that read “SECURITY” on the back of it, and a name badge with his picture clipped to his shirt. “Mesa Security Solutions - William Redeagle”

…Be advised, do not make contact with the infected. If you are able, isolate them in a locked room.

Will did not want to take any chances. He was going 90 miles an our down I-10, not knowing where he was going exactly, but all he wanted to do was get the fuck out of Phoenix.

Failure to do so will lead to certain death…

The things he saw. He just wanted to put as much distance between himself, and… that, as he could. Even during his two tours in Afghanistan, he never seen anything as violent as what those men did. Where they even men, or where they animals? Will couldn’t think about that right now.

…Cortovirus is highly contagious, if you display any of the following symptoms….

Cortovirus. Apparently that was the sole thing responsible for… whatever the hell was going on. William still didn't know, he just wanted to get away.

That morning, Will went to work as usual. He is, or was, a security guard at an oil refinery, just outside of town. What happened about halfway through his shift was, well, what became the 7th, 8th and 9th times he had to kill someone, and the 1st and 2nd times he had to kill people who knew, and the 1st, 2nd, a 3rd times he had to kill, not for “his country”, what ever the fuck that phrase ever meant to him.

From what Will gathered, the only reason he’s lucky enough to be alive was because he worked outside of town, because when he drove home, all he could see was smoke rising above Downtown Phoenix. He quickly grabbed his guns, some clothes, and some food and left, flooring it to… god knows where.

…This is a looped emergency message.

William started playing around with the radio seeing if he could find anything. It appears that all the stations were playing the same message.. he stopped for a moment, and focused on the road, flooring past the odd abandoned car here and there, and continued listening to the message he heard 100 times by now, until.. he heard a difference..

All citizens of Tucson are to evacuate the city immediately.

“Fuck” William muttered out loud, pulling to the shoulder of the freeway. He pulled up his phone to attempt to get a signal, but unfortunately, there was no reception in the middle of the desert.

It looks like, there is no way to get around this, he would have to go through Tucson, or find a way around. Sighing and cursing his fate, he took a deep breath, and started playing around with the radio, to see if he could find a signal. Thankfully, he found something still up that wasn’t playing that one fucking message. He didn't know why, there wasn't anyone speaking between songs or no ads played, just long periods of silence, but it was something.

Finally able to listen to something that wasn't that, Will pulled out his gun, still in his holster and checked his pistol, to see if it was fully loaded, and that nothing was jammed. Once he confirmed that everything was in order, he put his car in drive…

It does seem like the only way is going to be through...

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