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Roll'n Die
« A copy of Tucker's Roll'n Die system for the forums »

This system builds off of the official NPC combat rules introduced by MindGate before his departure from the team. This is a more in-depth look that’ll hopefully provide some improvements to the pre-existing system. Please note this system is best used with admin assistance to avoid OOC conflict and accusations of bias when rolling dice.

The Basics
NPC Redshirts will be represented with a pawn, usually a mannequin (White representing unarmored. Black representing armored). They will be equipped with a basic firearm and ammo.

They are ultimately going to be treated as redshirts. These NPCs will not have names or be in a position to carry on conversations with anyone, merely there to bolster faction forces in times of conflict.

NPCs will only have one action, either to fire or move. The action will be decided and played out by the current GM/DM/REF of the event.

Once an NPC is killed, they will drop the items they’re using, including armor, weapon, and ammo.

Initiating Combat
If combat is initiated by one person or party and have the element of surprise, the party or person initiating is given the first move. If both people or parties know of each others existence/aggression then both sides roll to determine who goes first.

Gaining/Utilizing NPCs
Players may recruit Redshirts to their factions by gaining them through missions. These NPCs may be given tasks to complete, as well as have their own personal arcs and events. Admins will log on to the NPCs from time to time for player interactions; however, they will remain as mannequins when not active.

Players should contact admins when they plan to assign a task to an NPC. We will be keeping tabs on which NPCs belong to what factions, what the NPCs' jobs are, and when the last time they collected was.

NPCs may aid players while fighting. Tier 1 NPCs remain in mannequin form while fighting and adhere to the Roll'n die rules. Tier 2 NPCs will not be in their mannequin form and may battle with any combat type.

Tier 1 NPCs are only available in offensive/caravan/exterior battles if they have the “Martial” skillset. If they do not have the skillset, they’re only available in defensive battles. Any NPCs that players wish to use in battle must be provided a weapon with ammunition, otherwise, they can not participate. NPCs are upgraded to armoured status when they’re provided with a kevlar vest.

Redshirt Hit Chance
NPC Redshirts will have two different health pools. You will only need to hit them once to kill them. You will require a +30 roll to kill an unarmored NPC, and two +60 rolls to kill an armored NPC.

Aiming Levels Point Modifiers
1 > +5
2 > +5
3 > +10
4 > +10
5 > +15
6 > +15
7 > +20
8 > +20
9 > +25
10 > +25

Inspired by the XCOM cover system, a negative value is applied to the shooter’s roll if their target is behind half or full cover. Half cover consists of anything they have to crouch behind and or any drywall/plank walls. Yes, this means if you’re behind a wall that covers the body entirely but is made up of planks, you will only get the -10, not -20. Full cover is applied when a character is positioned behind a full wall that isn’t easily penetrable, such as stone, brick, metal.

Cover Point Modifiers
Full Cover > -20
Half Cover > -10
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