Guide Roleplaying Winter


Sep 11, 2019
« This is a repost of Mr.Blue's Post on Roleplaying in Winter. As it stands, this guide is nearly four years old and may undergo some changes. »

In my opinion, the following is how to properly role-play winter weather.
Don't powergame! - If you find yourself in freezing cold weather wearing nothing but a vest, you can't just run outside without getting sick. Which leads to my next point...
Be sick! - Not sick in the head, sick with a cold or something of the like. Cough, sneeze, stay indoors and try to stay away from others when this happens so you don't spread it around. (Unless that was your plan all along.)
Be cold - Hug yourself tightly rubbing your hands together and stretching your cap out in an attempt to cover your ears, maybe if you were out in the snow without gloves your hands might have gone a little numb. Look out for little things like this.
Don't Travel! - Unless the situation is desperate, you don't really have a need or presumable WANT to travel. It's not just that it's cold (although it is VERY cold) the terrain is rough and snow covers just about anything in site. Nature's really made it hard for you to navigate so why not just wait it out instead?
If you do travel... - Have a good motive and also make sure to RP the area around you, maybe slip on some ice or have some slush melt around your boots. While you probably won't have to leave your camp, role-play just about everything if you do. There might even be icicles and patches of ice forming around your base itself!
Take measures to make things easier - If your group happens to stumble upon some bags of salt, lay them around the pathways around your camp if need be. Keep a flare handy and get your parka and winter gear ready, preferably prior to the winter season.
Adjust your weapon scope - Winter clothing means that your eye will be a little further away from your rifle, if so that means you'll need to adjust your scope to make things easier for you.
Rodents - During winter, rats and mice get around without being hunted as much and that means that they can eat and survive and finally breed more easily, try to RP finding a rat or mouse in your storage room or anywhere in your base at least once before winter will end on the server.
I hope this helped some folks.