Guide Roleplaying Blind, Mute, and Deaf Characters

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Aug 26, 2019
« This is a repost of Nemoryss' Blind, Mute, and Deaf Characters Guide »

As of late I've been toying with different character concepts and thought up a blind character which I might apply in the future. Besides the point, to RP such a character requires some research and knowledge. For example, how exactly do the deaf and mute people communicate and how do the blind find their way around?

This guide will touch on these questions and hopefully help a person or two out!

Roleplaying Blindness

Above is a walking cane for the blind. You've probably seen one before and they use it to get around but there are a couple of different methods of utilizing it.
  • Tapping method - The user taps the cane on the ground to get an idea of what is around him, although this is not the most common way of using it.
  • Arch Drag Method - The cane touches the ground ahead of the cane-user in an arched position.
  • Hover Method - This way of using it is very similar to the Arch-Drag method however the cane does not touch the ground.
As for making your way around, seeing how it is the apocalypse it may not be advisable for you to ahead outside the walls of your safe-zone although when travelling in general with people around, you'd want to ask a lot of questions such as "Could you point out the direction of the trading post building?" Little and simple things like this should improve role-play for you.

As for interacting with others, the blind generally have sharp hearing and can use this to their advantage, so when somebody asks you something you could ask them to speak up a little or speak once more to allow you to narrow down where they are.

Roleplaying Deaf
When roleplaying a deaf character one of your most important instruments are your hands, whether you're jotting notes down or communicating via sign language. That being said only so many people know how to communicate with sign language so a pen and paper is your best bet, consider carrying one around in a small bag.

Actions will define your roleplay so try to be more detailed in explaining them, sign language probably won't get you that far as your common survivor probably won't know sign language and to the bare minimum will only understand you pointing and motioning basic actions.

Roleplaying Mute
In this case, your hands are still the most important tool in your arsenal as you cannot communicate with your mouth, reading above regarding Role-playing deaf should give you the gist of it.
Thank you for reading the guide, I hope this might have helped you out!

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