Preston Hand



Max Stone
You know, Max... When I met you I was in a bad place. Not just physically. I was maybe a few weeks-- maybe a month or so-- from just giving up. This world isn't the same one that I grew up in. This isn't the life I thought I'd live. I never thought growing old would be such a feat. You gave me something to believe in. You brought me back. For that, I'll never forget you. And I wish things could have been different. I really do.

Crystal Chen
There was always something about you. I felt compelled to follow you. I turned on a friend, the very man that saved me, to follow you. Together, I firmly believed we could lead the Republic of Monroe into the future. A golden age. Why did you let them in? That's what ruined you. All of our accomplishments... Overshadowed by a stupid decision. What were you thinking? People talk. Are the accusations true? Why else would you just leave? Without a word. Without a goodbye. Without even the slightest hint that you fucking cared. A note. Part of me still wants to believe that there was something genuine in your actions. I don't want to think that you were just playing some sort of game. Honestly, I don't want to know if it was just some sort of game either.

Terry Winters
You aren't a leader. In lieu of confidence, you offer promises that pander to all manner of people, useful or otherwise. However, there's something genuine about you. People support you. They believe you... And I understand. You may not be built to lead, but that might-- by some cruel twist of fate-- be what we need. So I will support you. I will stand beside you. My peacekeepers will stand in front of you. And Monroe will stand behind you, awaiting what comes next.

Gerald Bechet
I know you aren't technically a peacekeeper, but I consider you an asset nonetheless. In recent weeks and months, you've only further proved your competence as not just a citizen, or a guard, but as a leader. I truly believe it is your persistence, and eloquence in speaking, that has put Miss Winters in a position to lead us. Maybe you should be leading in some capacity as well.

Perhaps Monroe's most valuable asset, and yet I know very little about you. Gerald tells me things from time to time, but that might as well be folk lore with the oddities he recounts. Regardless, it is worth protecting you. I feel that with your... Skillset, Monroe is in a position to do great things.

Nathan Coleman
Your peers look to you as a mentor, and above all a friend. I look to you as one of the best men Monroe has. We need someone like you around right now. I need someone like you around right now.
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