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Post crash interview



"Noah Rose 1 year later on the Chelsea Lately show"

Chelsea- "Let's have a warm welcome for NYU professor and island survivor, Noah Rose.!"
(Crowd claps)
Noah- 'Thank you, thank you" taking a seat and giving an akward wave to the crowd.
Chelsea- "I'm just going to dive right in if that's ok, with you." She gestures towards Noah
Noah- "Go for it." He smiles
Chelsea- "Are the natives you know...hung?" She gestures as if she was measuring.
Noah- He laughs as well as the crowd " I'm not to sure, I was to busy running away from them to be looking at the packages." He rubs his neck "But don't worry next time I'm around those parts I'll let them know you asked." Crowd laughs
Chelsea- she laughs and smiles " I'd appreciate that she says." The laughing quiets down. " But on a more serious note how is your family as well as you.?"
Noah- He gives her a reassuring smile " They are great, cherishing every second spent with them." "The whole crash and island situation really gave me a different perspective on life."
Chelsea- "Right, Right I would imagine so." She says while facing the audience. "Have you spoken to any of the other survivors since you been back in the states?" She gestures her arms
Noah- He scratches his beard "Honestly no, I haven't." He'd look to Chelsea "I assume we will eventually meet again at some point, who knows." "During this year I just really been focusing on myself and my family, I do hope the others are doing well and recovering from the incident." He exclaims to the crowd.
Chelsea- She leans back in her chair " Well I'm glad your doing great, also heard you have a book on the way?"
Noah- "Yes infact I do, it's a recount of my journey, from plane crash, the natives, the survivors I met and my escape on the raft." He gestures towards the back screen showing the book cover
Chelsea- smiles and gestures the crowd " Well that's fantastic, I'm glad your doing well and recovering from that awful ordeal and im also ecstatic to read the book which I'm certain will be great." She points the the camera "Right after these commercials, we'll talk a little more in depth with Noah on him living on the island and joining us next is special guest Tom Hanks.
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