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Guide NPC Merchants


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Aug 26, 2019
This guide is in regard to the NPC merchants added by my server props mod.
This was requested by @Maggie, so I thought I'd write it up!

The NPC merchants are exactly what they sound like! NPCs who you can barter with. The products they sell are more expensive than those that player merchants sell, so as to promote players bartering with each other. The NPC merchants also carry things player merchants may not. They're incredibly useful if you need something in a pinch!

The current merchant list is as follows:
  • Thalia the Carpenter
  • Clyde the Farmer
  • Raymond the Fisherman
  • Celeste the Food Vendor
  • Flint the General Trader
  • Song the Herbal Remedies Merchant
  • Reagan the Hunter
  • Pringle the Pittsburger Employee
Each carries items relating to their title. Some also carry the skill books corresponding to their profession.
  • Other merchants may be added temporarily for events and will carry a very limited selection of items.

All NPC merchants barter with the CPF currency (Hydrocraft coins): Copper, Silver, and Gold. 10 Copper is 1 Silver, 10 Silver, is 1 Gold. You get the idea.
  • You can exchange your money at any of the merchants (Copper to Silver, Silver to Gold, Gold to Silver, etc.)
  • If there's an item you want that isn't showing up, chances are it costs Copper/Silver/Gold and you don't have that specific coin on you. That's where exchanging comes in handy!

To interact with the NPC merchants, all you have to do is right-click on them.
  • Buying an item will spawn it on the ground below them, except in the case of randomized items (beer, whiskey, Hydrocraft seeds, etc.) which spawn in your inventory.
  • If you buy an item and it doesn't appear on the ground, chances are it was randomized. Otherwise, let me or another admin know and I'll fix it as soon as I can!

That's about it. They're fairly straight-forward. Feel free to drop any item suggestions here, and I'll see about adding them! I want the NPC merchants to be as useful as possible for you all.

(These are ONLY for Build 40 currently, and may not appear in our Build 41 lore, depending.)